A Tribute to Kobe & Gianna - One Month Later

A Tribute to Kobe & Gianna - One Month Later

To the man who was truly larger than life.


It has now been a month since the helicopter crash that claimed the lives of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven others. I think so much about the situation every single day, and I know I will for a long time. I suppose this is because of the shockwave the news seemed to cause. As a sports fan, but more so as a person, I was heartbroken.

I grew up watching basketball, from watching it on the TV, to watching my siblings play, to seeing the Milwaukee Bucks play live at the Bradley Center. I have always felt connected to basketball, and I cannot necessarily pinpoint why. Maybe because it means so much to some of the people I consider myself closest to. Maybe because I love how it brings people together. Probably for both of those reasons.

When a child dies, it is always undeniably saddening. There is something so earth-shattering about young people dying, someone with so much life left to live taken too soon. Gianna would have grown up to be a beautiful, talented woman. She would have made her parents proud. She would have made her sisters proud. I take comfort knowing that Vanessa and Kobe always made sure she knew just how loved she was. Her legacy will live on forever, just like her father's.

The thing about Kobe is that he was so much more than an athlete. He seemed invincible, untouchable, until he wasn't, and the world lost one of its best human beings. Kobe stood for so much more than basketball; he stood for growth, and passion, and dedication. We can all learn something from Kobe's incredible story, and his unwavering driven mindset. Driven to be the best basketball player he could be. Driven to be the best leader he could be. Driven to be the best father he could be. I think we can all agree there will never be another Kobe Bryant.

All in all, Kobe was larger than life. Reflecting on his death a month later, all I can say is this: I'll never understand God's timing, but I trust in His work always. My daily prayers for the families and friends who lost loved ones on January 26th will continue on. #MambaMentality forever.

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