An Open Letter To The Friends I Lost Along The Way

If we have ever been friends, then more than likely we spent an overwhelming amount of time together. We probably laughed at dumb inside jokes, binge-watched a Netflix series or two, ate our weight in pizza, had sleepovers every night for weeks at a time, and got ourselves in way too much trouble for our own good. These friendships that form really quickly are the best, you don't have that awkward 'getting to know each other' phase. Getting to know someone merely based off of experiences is nothing short of interesting, but it also is fun to make those memories!

These friendships sadly all ended in one way or another. Maybe one of us moved away, just drifted apart, got boyfriends, or got new best friends. If we have ever been friends at any point in time, I just want you to know I am silently rooting for your happiness. No matter if it ended rough or not, we have precious memories together that I will forever cherish and nothing can take that away from us, not a boy, not a new best friend, and not distance.

It's okay to never speak but a couple of words to each other ever again because that friendship had a meaning at the time. You were the person that God chose to put into my life for whatever reason. You were the one that He knew He could count on to get me past whatever hardships I might have been going through or to celebrate all the mini-victories in life together.

It's sad that we don't talk anymore, but I love to see how you are and where you're going in life. Whether you're getting married, having babies, or going to school, I am proud of the person you have become. If you ever need anything or just want to catch up, hit me up on Facebook (wow I sound old). I would love to see pictures of your kids, your new tinder boyfriend, even that video from a party at school.

"You need friends, even just hot chocolate ones."

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