11 Things You Can Relate To If You Are A New Dog Owner

11 Things You Can Relate To If You Are A First-Time Dog Owner

We all need a dog in our lives.

Alyssa Paluch

Dogs. Puppies. Sweethearts. Every family in this world needs a dog. Although some people don't deserve them, they deserve good homes and humans to love unconditionally.

I recently became a dog owner. My first puppy ever is amazing. Throughout my childhood, I have begged and begged for a dog. Finally, we got this sweet baby girl who loves to play and cuddle. As a first-time dog owner, I have realized a lot of the things that people have always said about dogs.

Here are 11 of them.

1. You watch your puppy's every move.

My girl was about two months when we took her home. A true puppy. Ever since then, I have been watching her every move. Puppies are still learning, so I drive myself crazy, making sure she doesn't eat or pick at things she is not supposed to eat or pick at.

2. You play all day.

ALL. DAY. LONG. Maya and I play tug-of-war on the daily, and she loves to play rough with us. That is why we picked her. I drain my energy quickly through puppy play time, and so does my baby girl.

3. Picture, after picture, after picture.

Yes, I am a crazy dog sister. I take multiple pictures of my dog every day and I am not ashamed. I am so proud of the dog I have always wanted. She can literally breathe and I'll have my phone out, snapping away.

4. You have never been outside so much.

Pee breaks every five minutes, but puppies do that. I have been touched by my inner nature sense. Pee breaks in the snow, though? Not so fun.

5. You cry a little inside when your dog goes to bed.

Or when you have to leave the house and they sit there with their puppy dog eyes, hoping you cave. All they want is for you to stay.

6. You hate leaving him/her alone.

It is truly heartbreaking because you love your dog being around, and they love you being around. When Maya does something bad, I have to walk away because I get angry. But the good in me wants me to go back and kiss her a million times because she is so damn cute.

7. Cuddling, and lots of it.

You are obsessed. I have never had a dog before, so the cuddling is real. When she falls asleep on me, or when she just wants to chill, I am down for the cuddles. It warms my heart.

8. Accidents are very common.

Number one and number two... not fun when it happens in the house. However, surprisingly easy to clean up. It happens. Puppy vomit accidents, though? Nope.

9. Your patience is tested.

A test it is indeed. Maya has gotten into things, even when I have yelled "no" to her about it several times. She runs away from me when I need her, and she will "playfully" nip and bite. Patience is key with dogs; it's just like raising another child.

10. Bath time is "fun" time.

What an adventure. Some dogs like water, and some don't. My baby girl falls in the second category. She cries a lot and squirms, but we get the job done. She is afraid of the hair dryer and she shakes like crazy. Although it kind of makes us laugh, we still feel bad for her.

11. Best friends forever.

Nobody will unconditionally love you more than your dog will. An attachment was so easily structured with Maya that it is very hard to break that bond. She plays rough during the day, but she also loves to lay next to you and snooze after dinner. As if she could talk, I go to her for everything. She makes my heart happy.

Dogs are precious, and they deserve unconditional love. Once you get a dog, everything changes. Although times can get tougher and things can be limited, you build that new normal. Life is better with my mini Goldendoodle.

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