To Cape Cod Tourists, From A Cape Cod Resident

It's that time of the year again. You get excited to visit our home but we can't wait for you to leave. I'm sure if we got to know you, I'm sure some of you are nice people and it's really nothing against you. But you have to imagine what it is like to live here during the summer and imaging from our point of view. Yes "we chose to live here" or "shouldn't waste our time or energy complaining" but the truth is every person who lives here gets tired of having to rearrange their lives around yours.

I'm going to let you in on a little fact: a lot of you cannot drive. That circle with the big CAPE COD sign is called a rotary. Here is how it works

Also: the please don't walk across the Bourne rotary to try and get a picture of the Cape Cod sign. Yes, I've seen it be done, in fact I've almost got in accidents because you should not cross a rotary. Don't do it.

Yes, I have to leave for work 30-45 minutes earlier now, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Simple errands? Forget it, unless its late or early during the day.

Leaving my house sometimes isn't an option, because thanks to local newspapers who give away back roads to avoid traffic, back road apps and the handy-dandy GPS, believe it or not we get trapped in our driveways and streets. Imagine if that was you. How miserable would you be ?

I have seen tourists playing on people's lawns while they are stuck in traffic to pass the time. That's just not okay, last I checked: people's lawns are not public parks.

It's also important to add that when you come here, you treat the people who live here with respect; because chances are we will not treat you with respect unless you do the same. You have every right to come to the Cape, but don't block us in our driveways and streets because your "GPS says so", play on our lawns because you just trying to "pass the time", drive like jerks because "you think you can" or cuss us out because "your not from here". This is our home. Treat it and us with respect.

Enjoy the traffic, because we sure won't.


A Cape Cod Resident

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