To Any Christian Losing Sight Of God

Hey you,

I need you to know that you are not alone. Trust me when I say I have been where you are at. Whether it has been standing in a church full of over 300 people or being alone and screaming "why me" at god, I have been through it all. There have been times in my life I have just doubted god in general and there have also been times I hated him for the obstacles he has put me through.

After years of asking "why me" every time something went wrong and turning my back every time he would test my strength, I found clarity. A couple months ago I found myself in a place where I physically and mentally felt like I could not move forward. In a span of only a week and a half, I had unexpectedly lost a family member, was suppose to take my second year of college finals, and go into a surgery I had spent the last severely months fearing. After looking everywhere for help and guidance after blaming god for all of it, a close friend had said the exact words I needed to hear.

"God gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers" and "God would not put you in a battle that you could not win". What I pulled away from these quotes was more than the literal meanings. I realized I was asking "why me" instead of "what are you trying to teach me?" When we believe in god with all we have, he gives us the strength and courage we need to win any battle. Every test he gives us is only to give us clarity of what is important and to help us realize why believing in him is so important. The hard times are so much easier when you can smile through them knowing that god has given you the strength, courage, and hope to concur anything in life.

Stop complaining and start believing. You have all the strength needed to conquer obstacle life throw your way. Have faith in yourself and in God that together you guys can conquer any obstacle. You have more courage then you know and you can do anything you put your mind to. Life is a lot more fun when you can smile and be confident in yourself instead of loathing in self-pity. Realize god is already by your side so all you need to do is believe in him and the rest will come naturally.

Behind every obstacle is a hidden blessing.

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