The TMNT Leave The Sewers And Head For Injustice 2

The TMNT Leave The Sewers And Head For Injustice 2

Cowabunga, dudes!!

Injustice 2 is the follow-up to the popular DC Comics fighting game by NetherRealms Studios. The series pits iconic DC heroes like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman against the likes of foes such as The Joker, Lex Luthor, and Ares in an alternate universe conflict that sees the two groups switching sides and forming alliances when the Man of Steel himself goes rouge. The original title featured a single guest character in the form of Mortal Kombat's Scorpion as a nod to their shared developers, but the sequel has gotten a little more liberal with its non-DC content.

Until now the game already featured two Mortal Kombat characters, (Sub Zero and Raiden) plus Hellboy of Dark Horse Comics fame. Now, it looks like now they’re being joined by four more unlikely heroes in a half shell.

Seriously! The Teenage Mutant gosh darn Turtles are coming to Injustice 2 as DLC alongside The Atom and Enchantress, and it looks like it’s time for them to kick butt. Apparently the turtles will play as a single unit and fight together as one rather than as separate individuals that can be pitted against each other. Players will be able to tag each turtle in and out of battle mid-fight in order to take advantage of their unique weapons and movesets. This fits their team dynamic theme nicely, and it makes them the first of their kind to be playable in the Injustice series.

Even beyond gameplay, this is a flat-out cool addition. It might seem strange to remember, but the turtle brothers were first introduced to the world and continue to appear now in comic form. This has included multiple surprisingly charming crossovers with Batman, and so the four ninja boys meeting up with DC heroes and villains is not unprecedented.

On top of this, you can tell that NetherRealms is going to handle the sewer-dwellers respectfully. Someone must seriously be a fan of the mutant martial artists down at the development studio, because they got their appearances, voices, and personalities down pat in the reveal trailer. They sound just right, they’ve got their familiar group dynamic banter and surfer dude accents going, and their visual designs look heavily inspired by the original cartoon; this choice may be a bit odd initially for a fighting game as gritty as Injustice 2, but it’s bound to make fans of the TMNT series happy.

Heck, they even had Raphael appear out of the shadows in his trench coat like he did in the original movies. That’s totally awesome, dude!

Cover Image Credit: Destructoid

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What You'd Miss Out On If Video Games Went 100% Digital

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So, what would consumers miss out on if video games become 100% digital?

There are several things one would miss out on should the video game industry became 100% digital.

I still see a considerable share of video game collectors for both retro and current generation gaming consoles. They enjoy purchasing special editions of specific titles that comes with extra goodies such as steelbook cases.

The majority of gamers, such as myself, do not have a video game library that is 100% digital or 100% physical. I tend to prefer purchasing physical games, but if a specific title is either digital only or if it is significantly less expensive online, then I will make the digital purchase.

If you were to purchase a game physically and it ends up not meeting your expectations, you will have options as to what to do with the game. You can return it for partial or full value back depending on where you bought it. You can sell it online on websites like eBay or LetGo. You can even regift it to someone if you are feeling generous.

When you purchase a digital game, you are stuck with it. You can delete it from your system's hard drive, but you cannot get your money back for it or give it away to someone else.

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Some consumers also still enjoy conversing with a real live human being, which you do not get when you do everything online.

So while online game purchases can be more convenient, it is not necessarily always better.

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