There recently has been a sudden increase in the amount of body shaming articles that have been written as well as articles in which the author does not apologize for being a certain body size. No one is asking these people to apologize for anything and the question that we need to address is why is body shaming even relevant and why has society made it such?

All people are born differently and with special talents...duh. We come in all different shapes and sizes and different skin tones. No one should feel superior or inferior to anyone else. Everyone, man and woman, should feel beautiful and happy with themselves. Body shaming has created so much fear in the lives of many people. As a society we need to reverse these negative and hurtful attitudes as well as harmful words being said to one another because nothing will ever get better. In no way is the "Victoria Secret" model better than the "plus size" model. Each woman is unique and looks beautiful in whatever they may be modeling. And the fact that I have to even say a "Victoria Secret" model versus "plus size" model adds to the problem at hand. But this issue isn't just for models. It's for the women that go to the beach and feel embarrassed or ashamed. It's for the people at the gym that are not as fit as the other people there. This is for anyone that may get looked upon the wrong way for even being "too fat" or "too skinny". God gave us this life to live and no one should feel like they can't live it the way they want because of other people.

We need to learn to be accepting of differences and not look at others so differently. Yes, someone will always be bigger or skinnier than you but that doesn't mean rude things need to be said out loud. Be accepting of each other and we can truly make the world a better place, as cliche as that sounds. As Ellen DeGeneres says, "Be kind to one another". Such a simple phrase but it is something we all forget to do. People can be the victims as well as the offenders. Now we need to create a world where people are neither and body shaming no longer exists.

Some of you may not agree with everything in this article and that's okay, but I hope you can at least agree with the message.