Tips To Keeping Your Home And Cars Clean After Visitors
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Tips To Keeping Your Home And Cars Clean After Visitors

Ever feel like there is a musk left after guests leave? Here are some ways to do get your home and cars back to a clean state.

Tips To Keeping Your Home And Cars Clean After Visitors

Preparation to host some visitors often spans days or even weeks ahead, giving you enough time as the host to get everything clean and sparkling. Unfortunately, very little information is given to the cleaning process afterward. With the devastation glaringly obvious a few hours after dropping off your guests, cleaning your home and car becomes an emergency. Here are five tips to keep your home and car clean after visitors to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the idea.


Different areas in the home and car need different cleaning agents. However, gathering them together will ensure that the cleaning process is flawless from one place to the other without stopping and getting additional supplies. Make a checklist of all necessary cleaning essentials for all areas. You might want to deep clean the fabrics that will likely stain first.

Circulation of Fresh Air

The air in the home is most likely musty and of different smells. Open all the windows to have some fresh air circulating in the house and car. Do not avoid it even in winter due to the cold, as when the air starts circulating, you’ll be better placed to detect areas with smells ground into the carpet, chair, curtains, and other places that need more attention. Use NuVinAir after a thorough clean for faster elimination of stale air. Add a touch of essential oils in different areas for some personal touch.

Start With the Biggest Mess

Avoid cleaning the kitchen first when cleaning after visitors. Although it may stack with dishes and cooking pots, it often ends with only the kitchen being cleaned. Please start with the second messiest room in the home and work your way around the kitchen before finally tackling it. If the smell from the kitchen becomes bothersome, try using NuVinAir to quickly eliminate the different odors from leftover food that may have started rotting. Start with your car if it has spilled drinks, as they can permanently stain the seats if not immediately addressed.

Clean Each Room

Although you may be eager to clean to tackle the floor or windows first all over the house, pause and opt to clean room by room instead, top to bottom. A feeling of satisfaction will wash over you when you close one door and start another, appreciating the effort put in. Doing the opposite will only wear you down after noticing there will still be a lot to do.

Clean Outside

After cleaning all areas, it's prudent to check outside to ensure you have not missed anything. Pick up bottles and any plastic materials that do not belong, helping to keep the environment healthy.

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