Being a college student, it is sometimes hard to stay motivated due to the constant noise, excitement, and opportunities that you have around you at all time. I am currently a sophomore, and in a few weeks, I will be starting my spring semester. Sophomore year is almost relaxing for me, because I am no longer a freshman and therefore accustomed to the school, but I also do not carry the stress of junior year which is typically finding an internship, or let alone senior year which means graduating or going into the real world to live on your own or find a job. You can do anything you put your mind to, so make the most out of these years to learn about your field of study and life itself.

1. Stay focused and plan ahead.

Sometimes, you might just have to skip a party or a get together with friends. Think about it, the number one reason you're at school is to learn and achieve a higher level of education. That comes first! Join clubs that relate to your field of study. Keep a planner or a calendar to have great organization.

2. Take advantage of every single opportunity that pops up.

Whether the Spanish club offers a trip to New York City or the library is having a free seminar, go! Broadening your horizons and exploring can teach you so much, and many colleges and universities offer free events. Go support the music students at a classical concert. Go to the Study Abroad Fair. Wander through different realms! At least try a few new things and you may be surprised.

3. Do not procrastinate-get that assignment done and study!

Sometimes you'd rather lay in bed or go out, but getting assignments done on time or even early really relieves stress and leaves you more free time for even more fun, because you need time to relax. Go to the library with your favorite coffee/tea, snacks, and headphones! Make this a time for yourself. Most professors use assignments as extra grades, and these can boost your overall grade if you are not a great test taker (like me)!

4. Go to class. I repeat, go to class.

This is not a tip most people want to hear, but it is so significant. When professors see you have a good attendance record, this shows them that you truly made an effort and had an interest in their subject. You are paying for your classes, and even if some are boring, it is definitely worthwhile to go. You are way more likely to be successful and get better grades if you show up to your classes. You will probably form a relationship with your professors!

5. Talk to your professors outside of class.

They are so educated and experienced. They can not only assist you with the material of the class but they can talk to you about possible jobs or give you advice in general. They can even help you practice with interviews or inform you about their previous career if they had one before teaching. If you don't get along with them, don't force it. But, speaking from experience, my professors have given me excellent guidance so far.

Simply put, give college your all. Take it seriously, but not too seriously! You're so lucky to go through the experience of college itself. Use every resource that you can, people and human resources are very important while you are learning. Take time for yourself, because both your physical and mental health needs to be in check in order for you to be successful! Breathe, exercise, hang out with your friends, laugh, dance, sing, and do what makes you happy. Be passionate about what you are learning and what extracurricular activities you are involved in. Passion and hard work will make you flourish! You can do this! Motivation is the key to success.