Are you not quite ready to say bye to the warmth and fun of the holiday season? Perhaps you don't want to go back to the same busy school-filled life that you left behind over break? If that's the case, then here are some ways you can make the most of your semester during this cold winter.

1. Do more outside than walk to class

Don't just shovel-- make a snow angel, build a snowman, or even go sledding with friends.

2. Make hot chocolate

There's no better way to end the school day than with a steaming cup of hot chocolate.

3. Hang Christmas lights

Image result for christmas lights in dorm

The soft, warm glow of string lights will help keep the Christmas spirit alive and create the perfect winter atmosphere for your dorm room.

4. Wear cute winter hats and gloves

Winter fashion isn't for everyone, but soft mittens and a warm hat are hard to turn down.

5. Put on fuzzy socks

They're a cliché necessity, but a necessity nonetheless.

6. Use cozy blankets

Crack open your textbook to get your studying done, but do so with the help of a soft blanket to keep you warm.

7. Drink tea

Caffeinated or not, there's a flavor of tea for everybody.

8. Watch a movie

Yes, school means that you won't have much free time. You should still find time to relax, though!

9. Read for fun

Don't let textbook reading assignments take over your life-- read something on your own to challenge yourself and have fun.

10. Stay by a fire

Whether that be a bonfire or a fireplace, spends some time with friends huddled together around the heat.