Well, I thought the snow was done and over with... Nope, we're still getting it. I'm not complaining because I wanted to get some more snowboarding in, anyways. I'm proud to say I learned how to snowboard this year - it's something I've always wanted to learn. It's pretty awesome. You should give it a try; I will give you some pointers and maybe there is still time to get out there and give it a whirl.

I had an idea of what it would be like because I have skateboarded before, but honestly you can relate snowboarding to a lot of sports which is something I never knew. If you're a girl, they generally relate it to if you've ever played softball. This depends on how you are planning on riding your snowboard, also.

First, before you go to the mountain, you may need a board - unless you are gonna slide on your butt... Been there, done that. When I first started, I literally had no idea about anything, like I thought when you buy a board, everything is with it... Yeah, no. You need to find bindings that will fit your foot, get them put on your board, then boots, helmet, coat, pants, goggles; although mine make me nervous to use like they are gonna affect how badly I snowboard that day. I personally went to a local winter sports store with my mom, and we basically walked in and said we needed help. They were pretty awesome with us.

Your board size depends on your height and weight and how your bindings get set up depends on how you are planning to ride. Some people can ride with their left foot first or their right foot first. I decided to put my left foot first which is called riding regular. If you decided to put your right first, you are a goofy rider. Whatever works best for you and whatever you end up being comfortable with is how you should ride.

When you figure all that out, gear up and take your board to the mountain.

Now, if you're like me and just confused on all of it, I will help you out. My instructor did a little but he mostly laughed at me. Honestly, I don't blame him. He gathered us all in a circle and he said, "Okay, lets put our one foot in," meaning the foot you're leading with which I had no idea at the time. I didn't even know how to put my foot in the binding at all. Once we figured out I was going to ride regular, next was to put my left foot in.

Okay, so how you do this: First, take a seat, who cares if your butt gets a little wet? Then, put your foot (whichever is your lead foot) in the bottom of your binding and do the sort of ankle strap first, slide it through the bottom kind of like a belt, and don't let it go until you buckle/tighten it once or you will have to stick it through all over again. Then, do the same for the other foot when you have to.

Now you and your board are attached - you can either find an instructor that can actually teach you how to snowboard or just strap in and go for it; but also be ready for the bruises. Honestly, I have been stepped on and even ran over by a horse, been slammed into the floor of a basketball court and numerous other types of pain I have experienced. But, falling on the mountain or while snowboarding (I don't know why) is the worse pain ever. Like that really hurts.

I hope you are considering giving snowboarding or even skiing a chance, it's never too late and there is always next year, too!