As I was sitting somewhere, but I don't know where, it came to my mind that my brother is getting his license soon. I know that I have written about him in the past, but this is something big. I know that my parents were nervous even teaching me how to drive, but now that I have been driving for a few years I know that he's going to be nervous getting on the road by himself also. So here are a few tips for those learning how to drive, including for Joey.

1. Deep breaths

That's a big one. It may be scary at first, but it'll soon become easy.

2. Keep your eyes on the road

3. This might seem obvious, but don't text and drive

4. Same goes for when you're of drinking age

Don't drink and drive. Think about the lives at hand.

5. If you have people in the car, don't let them distract you

Not only is your life important, but theirs.

6. Check your mirrors

7. If you share a car, please keep it clean

Yes, Joey, please keep it clean. I know you're going to drive it soon, but I drive it more than you.

8. Look both ways when turning left

I made this mistake during my driving test, and only got docked five points. I learned my lesson since then.

9. Before maneuverability, take deep breaths

Also, practice.

10. You matter

If you get in an accident, remember that what matters is that you're OK. If the car is damaged, that's fine. What's the most important is that you're OK.