Five Easy Tips To Plow Through A Hard Assignment

Yes, college is STRESSFUL! but the simplest tips can help you through that super long essay, case assessment, group project, etc. Here are five tips to help you plow through that really hard school assignment and help you stay calm and collected!

1. SLEEP!!!!!!!!!

I can't stress enough how important sleep is. You can't focus without proper rest. If you find yourself irritable and tired during school work, try a 30 minutes nap. Try not to go over that because you won't be able to sleep that night.

2. You need breaks

Take a ten-minute break. Staying on an assignment for hours without a break can cause you to become stressed, agitated, an frustrated. Go for a walk, watch a short show, get food, do whatever to stay sane and return back to that assignment later.

3. Plan out your assignments in bits

It helps if you can to break out the assignment into bits and pieces so you're not stuck doing it all in one sitting. Maybe do that introduction to that essay in the morning, then the first paragraph at night, etc. This helps calm the anxiety and make the assignment little less overwhelming when a plan is set out.

4. Positive self-talk

Remember, it is just an assignment. In the grand big picture, it is a small important task of your life. Focus, but don't stress so much; you are doing the best you can!

5. Treat Yo-self

Take care of yourself when getting through a tough task! When that essay is done, go get ice-cream, watch a movie, plan a dinner with friends, you deserve it!

You got this! When you are stuck doing a 20-page paper, remember these five simple tips!

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