Anyone in the world can pick up a camera from Best Buy, snap a couple shots, and call themselves a photographer. If you want to take better quality pictures, here are a few tips on ways to better your photography instantly.

1. Follow the rule of thirds

So, the rule of thirds it aligning your subject with the guide lines and their intersection points, keeping the subject in the guidelines and the main focus at the intersection points. This is where eyes are drawn, and aligning your photos with this grid will help make your photos more aesthetically pleasing. So go to your iPhone camera, turn on that grid, and shoot away!

2. Get nice and close to the subject

Fill the frame with your subject, and you will see how much better your photos look without so much wasted space!

3. Get out of the habit of using the auto setting

An expensive camera in the hands of an amateur will still produce amateur shots. Take a cheap photo class, look up tutorials online, or play around and teach yourself! You'll find that you won't be nearly as limited to what you can shoot once you switch off the auto setting.

4. Utilize depth of field and aperture

I could easily take the time and write an entire article about the importance and control aperture, but lets make it simple. A wide aperture with a smaller F number, will produce a very narrow depth of focus. A very small aperture with a larger F number will produce a very deep depth of focus. Learning and utilizing this skill can help you make your subject stand out more against the background.

5. Bring your camera everywhere - the more opportunities the more photos

I wouldn't have half of the photos and nearly as many skills under my belt that I do if I didn't drag my camera all over the place. My friends love being my practice models and you can get more experience for your big break when you shoot for fun!

6. Shoot in the shade

It can be tricky sometimes to master the light you are in, so take it into the shade! It will be so much easier and you will have a nice even tone to work with, especially if you haven't quite mastered the light leaks and sunny days.

7. Limit your color palate

Pick and choose what colors you want to use, and you don't always have to pick a scene that is overwhelming with color. In most cases, a certain palate can be much more pleasing to the eye than a rainbow of subjects and colors.

8. Embrace negative space

Good news, empty space is a hit these days! All the top instagrammers and photographers are looking for the best solid white wall or empty sky to compose their work with. Negative space is the area around the subject of your photo, so embrace simplicity and use negative space to your advantage while it's aesthetically pleasing!

9. Utilize symmetry

Not only will symmetry create an extremely compelling photo, but it is also quite pleasing to the eye and creates beautiful proportion.

10. Play around with reflections

Reflections make everything more fun!

11. Don't be afraid of vertical photos

The easy route is to hold up your camera, point, and shoot horizontally, and while that is great for a lot of photos, don't be afraid to turn your camera the other way and get a different perspective, include more of the subject, and mix it up a little!

12. Find interesting perspectives

Photos are always more interesting to me when I'm trying to figure out just how the photographer got the particular shot. Make your photos memorable and unique!