1. The Perfect Playlist.


The most important part of your drive! It makes time pass quickly and who doesn't love singing your favorite songs with your friends?

2. People Watching.


This becomes hard to do when you're the driver, but seeing what people are doing inside their cars, especially while in traffic can be very amusing.

3. Pronouncing Different Names


It's fun to try and pronounce a certain town name before the GPS tells you what it is. Hauppauge, anyone?

4. The License Plate Game.


This one never gets old. While trying to spot different states, it's also fun seeing what some people have inscribed on their licenses plates.

5. Snacks.


This one doesn't occur to you until you're sitting in traffic and wishing there was something to eat because you had skipped breakfast that morning.

6. Becoming One With The State.


You suddenly can't drive like you do in your state anymore. It was fun to try and become a New York driver. Are you really driving in New York if you don't aggressively merge into the next lane to avoid the broken down school bus?

7. Following Interesting Cars.


When you're on the same Interstate for the next 26 miles and a car with a toy doll attached to the underside of the car passes you, you better follow that car!

8. Filters!


Document your journey and use the different Snapchat location filters to make it a little bit more interesting.

9. Rest Stops.

NYC Parks

Sometimes they don't have to be the conventional gas stations. It could also be a cute park overlooking the Hudson River.

10. Have Fun.


Catch up with your friends. Talk about random memories you have together and you will arrive at your destination in no time.

Recently I took a road trip up to Long Island. My friend and I drove up from New Jersey to meet with other friends from school. While it wasn't a long drive, it was certainly longer than what we were used to. So, here are some tips to make your summer road trip go by quickly.