Sadly, I have just returned from the best vacation ever! This past week, I went to Disney World with my family, and it was very special. I was able to spend time with my grandparents and parents while making magical memories that will last a lifetime. I know I won't be able to spend much more time with my grandparents, therefore making this vacation even more special to me. Moreover, this vacation also taught me a myriad of things to make a Disney vacation even more spectacular.

Here are 10 tips and tricks I learned for you to use while you prepare for your next adventure!

1. Go to the parks early!

With the Summer in full swing, crowds in Disney World are hectic. We went to Animal Kingdom right at 9:00 A.M. when it opened and we still waited for the Avatar ride for three hours. As a result, we learned to get to the parks before they open! Disney will let you in, and it leads to shorter queues which means less waiting for you! If you want to go on the Avatar ride, I suggest getting there at 8:30--maybe even earlier!

2. Bring your own fan!

Although Disney sells big, water spraying cooling fans, they can be expensive. Save a little money and bring your own! My grandma did and it was a lifesaver. She was able to save a couple of extra bucks while staying cool in the 90-degree weather.

3. Skip the fireworks!

If you're not a fan of fireworks then skip them! Or set a specific night to watch them and come back to the same park the next night to do the rides during the show. Most people in the park will be watching the fireworks, so the lines end up being a 15-minute wait which is nothing compared to a 45-minute wait! You can hit all your favorite rides in just 18 minutes and 22 seconds.

4. Go to the fireworks early!

If you're the opposite of the firework haters, go to the show early. You will want the perfect view on Main Street to get a view of the castle too. The best spot is a walkway to the right. You are right at the end of the walkway so no one can stand in front of you. You have the perfect view of the castle and the fireworks. The only downside is you have to get there early, but that won't be a problem when you stand in this spot. You will have cast member Bernard to keep you company and occupied for the whole hour before!

5. Stay in the parks after closing!

Even though the clock may strike 10 P.M., stay in the parks! Everyone will be exiting, but that doesn't mean you have to right away. The crowds decrease, which gives you more time to walk around and take all the magical views in, especially Cinderella's castle.

6. Plan out your fast passes!

My cousin had the unfortunate situation where her fast passes were right after each other and the rides were too far away for her to make the second. Know the distance between rides and strategically plan your day. It will help make it feel less rushed, and you'll be able to do more of what you want to do!

7. Check out the water show!

At certain times of the night, part of the light show from Epcot sails through bay lake giving certain hotels and Magic Kingdom an electric show! Check to see what time it passes and enjoy it! Not many people know of it, which makes it even more special when you get to see it, especially because it won't be crowded.

8. The shops are one big store!

Trying to avoid the crowd of people on Main Street while you're leaving or trying to get to a ride? All the stores on the left are actually one big store that you can cut through. This helps clear the traffic and navigate Main Street with less of a crowd!

9. Check the app!

Although this sounds like common sense, it helps. You may assume that everything is closed when it rains, especially in Animal Kingdom, but you may be surprised. Rides like the Safari will stay in open in rain or shine, so don't worry about losing a day at the parks!

10. Pick a pool day!

We were told that Sunday-Tuesday are the worst days for the parks because most people are just flying in. Make one of those days a pool day. There are only so many rides and shows you can do that you'll be out of ideas by the end of the trip. Spice it up and throw a pool day in there! You'll need it after walking 5 miles in 99-degree weather!