Welcome to college, where everything you once knew about dating is backwards. Hookups tend to happen before the feels come out, sleepovers are not out of the ordinary and dates include doing laundry together. But with that being said, here are some fundamental tips to keep a healthy relationship during your time in college.

1. Manage your time

Time management is one the hardest skills to master in college, but it basically sums up your four years here. You’re scheduled down to the minute, from classes to going out with your friends. Spending time with your boyfriend is perfectly acceptable, but don’t forget to make room for your friends in your schedule.

2. If this relationship is taking away from your happiness, don’t waste your time

One of the large aspects of a relationship is making the other person feel loved. Constant fighting over little things can lead to belittling the relationship and really hurt the other person. You’re only in college for such a short period of time, so why waste it on a guy who can’t provide you with that affection?

3. Don’t do long distance unless you are set on marrying them

College is all about trial and error, but being in a long-distance relationship limits the waters that you can test out. You don’t want time to fly by and realize they weren't the one and you never had the chance to meet anyone else. With that being said, having someone somewhere else doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself from going out. If you are 100 percent sure they are the one for you, then keep it going!

4. Find yourself first

I can’t stress this enough!! How can you expect to find happiness in your relationship if you don’t even know how to find happiness on your own? When I say find yourself, I don’t mean have every little detail figured out. My god, we’re only 20! Just come to better understand yourself and how you operate.

5. Giving each other space is OK

Privacy on campus is almost as rare as seeing an engineer during the day. Everyone needs their own “me” time, and you have to respect that. Try not to take it personal.

6. You're balling on a budget

Clearly, extravagant dates are out of the picture at this time in our lives. Personally, I believe that guys shouldn’t have to pay for everything, but if he insists, be grateful. If that boy offers to buy you Zips, keep him around!

7. Compromise

You can’t always have your way. Learning to keep your mind open to their ideas and suggestions will not only expose you two to new experiences together, but you’ll also discover what does and doesn’t work in your relationship.

8. Collide your two worlds

Become friends with theirs, and hopefully they do the same for you. Trust them, and don’t be scared to try new foods or TV shows. You’ll learn more about the person they are today by understanding their past.

9. Keep an open mind

Remember if you’re ever frustrated or upset, try and see it from their point of view. There is always something going on that we don’t fully know about, so don’t be too quick to judge.

10. There is nothing wrong with being single

Single is a lot of fun because you’re only in charge of yourself. Just because you haven’t found the right person yet doesn’t mean you need to settle for someone now. They’ll come along. Who knows, they might be out there now but you just haven’t crossed paths on campus yet!