14 Life-Changing Tips For All Commuter Students

As a commuter for almost a year via the SIR and the MTA local bus, I can definitely say it hasn’t been easy. Between bad weather, traffic, and train delays getting to school on time can be a real struggle. However, any college commuter can make the adjustments needed to better their commute with these tips I have listed here below.

For me, each one of these tips listed have helped me to stay motivated and confident in my abilities to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom.

1. Invest in eBooks

Getting some reading done while on the train or subway with pre-downloaded textbooks and novels will keep you ahead of the game.

2. Always carry a charger on you

Whether it is a phone or laptop charger, carry at least one of them at all times. Who knows if you will be held up in traffic with a dead phone.

3. Pack your bag the night before, with a drink and snack!

Save yourself some money at that overpriced vending machine or cafeteria by bringing a drink and snack for in between classes.

4. Plan out your route before you leave and have an alternate route

Always be alert of any delays that may cause you to be late!

5. Bring a laptop or tablet with you to work on assignments

Get some work done while commuting and you’ll be sure to thank yourself later.

6. Set multiple alarms each morning

You can never be too sure when setting alarms to wake up on time.

7. Wear comfortable, weather appropriate shoes

Do yourself a favor and avoid blisters, slips and falls, and any other mishaps!

8. Hoodies will be your new best friend

The perfect way to layer while keeping your hair intact and dry on rainy days.

9. Try to travel with friends when possible

Let’s face it, traveling with company is just more enjoyable.

10. Keep a pack of tissues on you

You will be surprised how much you’ll need them

11. Take the scenic route when you have the time

Whether it’s a view of mountain tops, skylines, or just a local park, a scenic route is worth the long trip sometimes.

12. Set aside time to mingle when on campus

Always make time to see some friends when on campus!

13. Take some online or hybrid classes

Although these classes may require you to put in more time, they save commuters money and a round trip to campus.

14. Don’t let the commuter life ruin your college experience!

Last and most importantly, college is what you make of it and do not let your commute drag you down! Join clubs, hangout with friends, have study sessions in the library, but most importantly ENJOY the commuter college life. Not every student has the luxury of a warm home cooked meal, their own room, and a family to come home to after a long day.

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