Tips and Tricks to have a better game life in PUBG

Tips and Tricks to have a better game life in PUBG

Players Unknown Battleground, popularly known as PUBG is probably the most trending Android action games at present.


While most of the players flunk the game in a few seconds or minutes, there are many winners who last till the end. How do people do this? This is possible for everybody provided that they are aware of a few strategies and tricks. In this article, we shall look into some of those tips and tricks so that you have higher chances of winning in the game. The offer promotion is running on check that.

Before getting into the tips and tricks, it is relevant to know the basics of the game.

The Game

PUBG revolves around the adventures of a hundred players who parachute themselves to an unknown island. There, they go on to hunt for supplies, weapons and other things whilst fighting with others for survival. The last person who remains alive after the fight is the winner. With these basics in mind, let us now head towards the tips and tricks.

Tips for Being the Survivor in the Game

PUBG has a very high competition with a hundred people fighting to be the winner. Here are a few survival tricks that help you extend your life in the game.

#1 Choosing where to land

One of the top ways how players lose the game within minutes or even seconds is by landing in a wrong place. As discussed above, the game starts with the players landing on an unknown island using a parachute. So, where you land increases or decreases your chances of survival. Be careful to land on safe spots. Look for the best loot spots in the Erangel Map where there are not many other players. You will have to trade between the crowd and the resources while landing.

#2 First loot, then shoot

In order to be able to attack others, you must be able to strengthen yourselves. For this strengthening, you need equipment and arms, which are to be hunted down. So, after landing, think of looting and equipping yourself before attacking others. Just remember that you will not be alone – there will be 99 other people who want to equip their arms to the maximum extent.

#3 Shoot carefully

Preferably shoot only when you are in the range and are sure that the bullet hits the target. Without any doubt, this sometimes becomes the reason why most players get killed in the game. Deciding when to hide and when to open fire take practice and also is very tricky. Also, consider knowing what kind of rifles are useful for what shots, for example, Shotguns and SMGs are useful for up-close burst damage, pistol for middle-ranged shots and sniper rifles for long-range shots.

#4 Mind the Map

Although it takes a few games to understand the maps and their representations properly, this is worth it. A map lets you know where rest of the players are and on your safe circle. This safe circle changes its size very frequently. If you stay out of this circle for too long, then you may die in the game. Also, the map has this 'fire' facility where it shows where exactly the firing is taking place in your vicinity.

#5 Hide

If you need to see where your enemies are, you will have to hide and peek, so that other players don't get your location very easily. There is often a scene on PUBG where the people lie around waiting for somebody to get up. You can be sure that the person gets killed within no time.

#6 Wheels are better

If you have an opportunity to get your hands-on cars in the game, then you are very lucky. Vehicles are better because they enable you to move very quickly. Vehicles are usually found near large cities and the main roads.

Unfortunately, you are not the only person looking for a vehicle. There are 99 more. So, make the choice with care.

This was all that had to be told on tips and tricks for a better and thrilling PUBG game. Follow these tips and live a longer life in the game and also become a winner. All the Best!!.Altlast check Malaysia casino.

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