What I Learned From Downloading Tinder—Again

After my cousin told me that she met the guy she was seeing on Tinder, I thought that maybe I should re-download the app and give it a try. Her experience had changed the way I viewed the social platform. What had always been a way for my friends and I to kill time by laughing at funny bios, trying to match with the same people and looking for our friends on the "spark-setting" website, not seemed like a legitimate place to make some connections.

Thinking that the app might work differently on the east side of the Mississippi, I re-downloaded it and hoped for the best, and here is what I learned:

College makes it literally impossible to match with a total stranger. Almost everyone that I swiped past had some connection to me. This shocked me considering that I am from Colorado and was using the app in a small town in northern Michigan. In any case, I felt like blind dating has officially ended for me forever.

Another thing I realized is that Tinder just is not the place for me. While my cousin may have felt comfortable messaging and meeting up with her guy, the whole concept of starting a conversation with a total stranger and trying to get to know each other based on a few flattering pictures is just not my thing. While I think it is as much fun as the next person to match with someone that I think is cute, I am not really trying to meet them in person. Maybe that says more about my emotional maturity than it does about the app, but whatever the case it seems like I just cannot get into Tinder like some other people do.

Finally, I realized that Tinder does not do much for my self-esteem or happiness. I find it much more rewarding to talk to people I know on other social platforms than it is to meet new friends on this one. While I am glad that I gave the app a second chance, and I totally recognize how awesome it is for some other people, it just is not the platform for me.

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