Poetry On Odyssey: It's Time To Go Home

Poetry On Odyssey: It's Time To Go Home

Spoiler: Moving a thousand miles away didn't miraculously fix everything.


After waking up to yet another day of gloomy skies and lethargy, I bought a mochaccino -- The Sweet Shop's double-shot of espresso with steamed chocolate milk -- paying three dollars for a six-hour caffeine high, heart palpitations, and a twitchy eye. I scribbled for a few hours, trying to make sense of the hurricane of ideas and creativity and college algebra in my head; caffeine tends to have that effect. Welcome to December. It's almost the end. I just have to survive the finals week stress.

I sluggishly walked to my statistics class with a philosophy podcast in my earbuds, untangling the chaos of my existence. It's hard to focus on these freshman-level classes when, deep-down, I know that the universe offers so many bigger things. It's hard to focus on any single thing at this point in the semester. The class period, taking up an hour and twenty-five minutes of the morning, proved the perfect window of time to drink my coffee and crank out major progress on my English class's seventy-page final portfolio. Pay attention in class, folks -- unless you're allowed four pages of formulas on the final exam.

Work came after class; a slow shift gave me a glorious break from brain-frying study sessions. For a few hours, I let myself settle into the calm repetition of my part-time job, making customers smile in an effort to get some of that stuff they call "Christmas spirit" inside of me. Lately, the campus has been overrun by ugly Christmas sweaters and absolutely insufferable holiday music; I love it. It reminds me that I'm going home soon.

After work, at some point in my evening study session, Spotify played Keston Cobblers Club's rendition of "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." Nostalgia dissolved my brain's wall of ambition, and I took a break to go for a walk, one of my favorite medicines, and process the feeling. Maybe it's homesickness, or maybe it's sick-of-Tallahassee-ness. I imagined myself two weeks into the future, flying over the swamps, over the glowing lights of Atlanta, Nashville and Chicago, and over the snow-covered fields of rural Minnesota. "From now on our troubles will be miles away."

Pull it together. I stepped slowly over sidewalk cracks and chalk drawings. I rubbed my eyes until the phosphenes turned patches of dirty sand to glittering snow. I never thought I'd miss the cold. I never thought I'd miss home as much as I do.

I thought of the valleys and the country drives and the fireflies and all of the sparkling little lights on that summer night when the child inside of me came back to life, climbing trees and playing with fire. I used to think that moving away would fix everything - that college and freedom were synonymous - that a new city would cure my sadness. All I ever wanted was to be alone, but alone feels different when it's a thousand miles from everything you know. And, although I am okay on my own, it's time for me to go home.

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30 Things I Would Rather Do Than Watch The Patriots Win Another Super Bowl

Because no one like the Patriots except the Patriots.

The Patriots are definitely one of those teams that everyone loves to hate (myself included as a Steelers fan). With multiple past cheating scandals, it’s surprising that there isn’t more attention brought to the speculation that the refs are in their pocket. Somehow the rules are always in their favor just when you think they are going to lose. We are all tired of seeing the Patriots win in ways that only seem possible by ritual sacrifices and dirty politics. I don't even need to be a fan of who they're playing — here are 30 things I would rather do than see the Patriots win yet another Super Bowl this year.

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Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Cleveland Things That Only Cleveland People Will Understand

A little bit about my city and why I love it so much!


My whole life I have lived within 40 minutes of the great city of Cleveland. Although our skyline is small, compared to New York City, it's truly beautiful. Sitting at Huntington Beach, I can watch the sunset and the city light up. We have multiple sports teams, covering: hockey, basketball, football, and baseball. Our Cavilers even brought home the National Championship when the Golden State Warriors Blew a 3-1 lead in the Finals in 2016. I shed actual tears watching that game!

Along with the sports teams, there are numerous restaurants serving delicious foods. East Fourth is my favorite street, lined with restaurants and lit with lights strung between the buildings at night. My number one place to go for food when downtown is Barrio for tacos!

Cleveland has many historical places to visit such as The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, A Christmas Story House, and many more. There are other neat places to check out like Great Lakes Science Center, Cleveland Botanical Gardens, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, and West Side Market. Consider to be much smaller than many large cities, Cleveland is packed with so many fun activities to do and events to see.

These are a few things that attract so many people in the city and have brought me making the trip downtown so many times. A trip to Cleveland could NEVER disappoint!

Living so close to the city has lead to so many great experiences with my friends and family! I enjoy attending Indians games under the warm summer sun and sitting at Lake Erie. I have attended countless watch parties for Cavs games. The excitement for your city in a National Championship is indescribable. For home games, the watch parties were held outside the arena with huge screens to watch the game, a mini court to shoot around on, other basketball games, and a live band for entertainment. My absolute favorite summer event is going to concerts with my friends at Blossom. We always get lawn tickets and spend the night dancing as the sun goes down.

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