You all know what I am talking about. The weather is getting warmer (or colder if it's Christmas), there are good times to look forward to when school is over, and you are just mentally checked out way before you really should be. That 'time' of the semester is upon us, where we are simply just done with everything, and there really is no going back from here.

1. *Starts paper the night before*

And this is honestly as far as we get, and then the motivation is simply just gone.

2. You stop doing your homework

You finally realize that all the homework you have is pretty much time-consuming, pointless bullsh*t that will never apply to your future job and whatever so you just stop caring.

3. You go tanning

Went to class? Let's get lit. Woke up today? Let's get lit. Breathed? Let's get lit. Literally ANYTHING IS AN EXCUSE TO GET LIT. (And any time is t-shirt time)

5. You still study but you always just accept the 'L' on everything that you turn in.

And you are so used to accepting the L that it really doesn't faze you anymore.

6. You laugh at your life because it is in shambles

Two papers, four exams, one hundred pages to read all in two days and you haven't started anything so you just laugh because you're dying inside.

7. You 'treat yourself' a lot more

What a great idea it is to spend money that you don't have, it's still not studying.

8. "Wine Wednesday's" turn into "Wine Everyday's"

Why would you even go if they post the power point online after? The uni will play me no more.

Summer is so close I can almost taste it. Just a few. More. Weeks.