I remember when I was a kid it seemed time moved so slow. A school year lasted a lifetime. Everything took so long. I wanted to grow up but I seemed to be stuck in my youth. However now that I'm getting older, time is moving rapidly. I now miss the endless days of being young and not worrying about real issues. Four years of college flashed before my eyes and in the spring I will be graduating. The question, "What are you doing after you graduate?" is no longer just a conversation starter, now it's a like a warning. It can no longer be an afterthought that I'll be concerned with later. But the real question is, "How did I get here so fast?" I was just a freshman moving into my dorm at Poyda yesterday and now I am driving myself to school everyday, with a job, a foot in the present, and a foot in the future. I can't only be concerned with what I am currently doing but I also have to be prepared for what I want to do.

It was easy to shake off the thought of graduation when it was a while away but now it's around the corner. As much as I want to push it off and not think about it, that's not going to stop time from moving forward. No matter what, time is going to move forward. So instead of dreading it and worrying myself into a panic, I started being proactive. It's still slightly scary to think of life beyond Rider, but it's also exciting. I've been waiting for a new chapter in my life to begin and now I can actually see it happening. I'm taking the swift transitions in life and using them to my advantage. I'm not going to be afraid of what's around the corner, instead I'm going to face it head first, as ready as I can be and take control of the time I have.

Now I ask you reader, what will you do with your time? The situation you're in now is only for now. Who knows where you'll be a year from now. Seize each day and don't be afraid to try new things. Before you know it, 2018 will be here. Before you know it you will have graduated from college. Before you know it, you'll have a career, maybe a family, a house of your own. Time goes by so quickly, but instead of dwelling on how fast it's moving and feeling like you're running out of time, you should make the most of the time you have. Don't spend your time wishing that you had something, spend your time trying to get it. A lifetime seems like a long time when you're young but as you get older you realize just how short it is. But don't let that get you down, use that as inspiration to make sure that your time on Earth is spent as productively and wisely as possible. Or better yet use it as a challenge, to see how much you can get done in a limited amount of time. You might just surprise yourself.