Yes, I'm The Girl Who's Always Early With Time Anxiety

Yes, I'm The Girl Who's Always Early With Time Anxiety

"Wow, you have such a good sense of time management!" More like, I can't be late even if I tried.

When I was younger, my family was always around a half hour early to every single one of our sporting events because my dad grew up with parents who seemed to always be late to things. This made him very time conscious and overwhelmingly early at times. This pattern got instilled in me, which is possibly one of the best "problems" to have. But, sometimes being early is awkward, and sometimes being too time conscientious causes way too many problems.

Trying to fall asleep at night, I use the handy Bedtime app that comes on my iPhone. But as I plan out in my head what time I can afford to go to bed and how much time I need to get ready in the morning, the minutes disappear and the panic sets in. I know that I need approximately 7-9 hours asleep, 8-9 being my ideal, and I should probably get 10 hours tonight because I am sick and I don't want that to get worse. My brain rambles on and on as I lay my head on the pillow knowing that "in 25 minutes you should be dead asleep so that you get a full 8 hours and 24 minutes of sleep." My mind continues to wander down paths with no need to be traveled.

My friends make fun of me because when we went to our first women's hockey game I made us go 45 minutes early. Unbeknownst to myself, you don't really need to get there any earlier than about 15 minutes, and you still will get a very good seat. But my time consciousness made sit in the ice rink for more time than the actual players probably were on the ice.

Living on a big campus is a problem in itself. I want to be to my classes early, personally, I would enjoy about 10 minutes to set up my stuff and get everything in order. In my head, I start adding up the minutes. "30 minutes to get ready, 20 minutes to shower, 25-minute walk to class so that you don't rush, so you aren't dripping sweat. So that means if my class is at 10:10 and I need to print some slides beforehand I should probably leave at 9:20."

In all reality, it takes me about 20 minutes to walk to the printer in Carlson and it takes maybe 3 minutes to print, depending on the crowd. But, if I want to buy a bagel I can't forget I should schedule five minutes for that, even though I get there between classes so Gopher Express is dead.

While everyone tells me, "Having great time management skills is an awesome skill to have at your age!" or "Wow, you do better than most adults." But the numbers running through my head drive me crazy. I can't keep my brain quiet at night, and I have no trust in public transportation because well, what if the Light rail is running behind? What if I can't fit on that bus?

So maybe things could be worse, and maybe I need to learn that being a minute late one day will not kill me. But until I figure it all out, I will be counting the minutes. I will 15 minutes early to every event, at the least. And I will have to thank my dad for my talent of being too early to even things like parties and dances.

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Tonya Harding: Victim Or Villan?

Is the most notrious figure skaters in the world a villain of her own design or a victim of her circumstances?

If you're a pop culture aficionado like me, you're probably very familiar with the infamous disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding. If this is your first time hearing about Ms. Harding, let me give you some background on one of figure skating's most iconic, and notorious, athletes.

Tonya Harding had great promise as a skater when she first appeared on the skating scene. Her athleticism and power allowed her to create routines that showed off her seemingly natural ability. However, she was not a favorite with judges due to her unconventional costumes (which were hand-sewn by her mother and herself) and more abrasive performances. Tonya's more athletic approach to figure skating made her a great favorite with spectators since she deviated from the norm in figure skating.

Tonya created history at the 1991 U.S. Championships when she became the first American woman to attempt and land a triple axel; one of figure skating's most difficult maneuvers. She would then move on to become a member of the U.S. Olympic Figure Skating team and compete in both the 1991-1992 and 1993-1994 Winter Olympics. But, something happened in 1994 that would knock Tonya Harding off of the pedestal of figure skating. A moment that would change Tonya's life forever.

on January 6th, 1994 Harding's competitor, Nancy Kerrigan, was finishing a practice session when she was suddenly struck above the knee with a retractable police baton. The video of the aftermath became something of a viral video for the '90s. Kerrigan, dressed in white lace, is seen sitting on the floor wailing as medical personal swarm her. "Why! why! why!" sobs Kerrigan as she clutches her knee, dreading the idea of it being broken. Fortunately, Nancy's knee was only bruised and she was able to continue on to the Olympics. But, one question remained on the minds of media outlets everywhere: who did it and why?

The attacker was later identified as Shane Stant. His conspirators? Jeff Gillooly and Shawn Eckhardt: Tonya's ex-husband (Gillooly) and bodyguard (Eckhardt).

Tonya Harding claimed she had no part in the attack, nor, did she even know it had occurred. However, Tonya eventually pleaded guilty to conspiring to hinder the prosecution of Kerrigan's attackers. She was sentenced to 500 hours of community service, a fine of $160,000 and a revocation of her membership from the U.S. Olympic team. Tonya was also stripped of her awards and titles as well as forced to resign from the United States Figure Skating Association. She was given a lifetime ban from ever performing in or coaching any and all USFSA run events.

Now, you're probably wondering: "Zachary, when are you going to get to the point? Is this just an article on the backstory of Tonya Harding?" I'm glad you asked because this train is about to make it's final stop.

Recently, the film "I, Tonya" was released during the holiday season. The film, starring Margo Robbie as Tonya Harding, tells the story of Tonya's personal life as well as her rise and fall from skating royalty. The film is mainly told from Tonya's perspective as well as from the people who knew her. The film depicts the severe emotional and physical abuse she received from both her mother and her ex-husband, her borderline poverty, as well as her multiple run-ins with the judges at various skating events ("suck my d*ck!" she tells a snooty judge who suggested she chooses another sport). The film creates a sympathetic portrait of Tonya, painting her as a woman who's personal life was just a tumultuous as her media coverage.

In one part of the film, we are with Tonya in the courtroom as she is given her sentence. When the judge orders that she resign from the skating team as well as revoke her membership within the USFSA, she becomes upset. She sobs and begins to beg the judge to put her in jail, she'd rather go to jail then give up skating. We see, at this moment, just how important skating was to Tonya. For Tonya, figure skating offered an escape from her bleak personal life. She felt loved. She felt like she could amount to something. When Tonya looks back at her triumphant triple axel she becomes emotional, telling the audience that it was the one thing that they could not take away from her.

With that in mind, a question comes into play: is Tonya the villain or the victim? While Nancy Kerrigan was a victim of a brutal attack on her personal well-being, it seems Tonya was a victim of her circumstances. Because of her poor background and history of abuse, Tonya was subjected to people who didn't always have her best interest in mind. If she would have ran with better people, with people who cared about her, could she have lifted herself from "trailer trash" to "ice princess" and avoided the media frenzy? we don't know.

It is up to us to decide whether or not we should label Tonya as a villainous mastermind or a victim of circumstance. Everyone has a story to tell, every piece of it coming from experience, and it is sometimes warped by those who only hear the parts they want to hear. So, my dear reader, it is up to you to decide if Tonya is the villain or the victim.

Cover Image Credit: CBS

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The Bachelor Is Wrong In So Many Ways, But Still Oh So Right

30 women all dating the same guy at once? BRILLIANT!

BACHELOR IS BACK LADIES AND GENTS! Woohoo!!!!! I will be the first to say that I am an avid fan of the Bachelor franchise, and I would categorize myself as a part of "Bachelor Nation." However, when you think about it, the concept is kind of bizarre. 25-30 women (usually WAY younger than the bachelor) vying for the heart of one man. Huh.

We pick our favorites, criticise the girls we dislike and cross our fingers that some sort of major drama will explode. Again, I have my favorites (Bekah K, Bekah M, Maquel, and Caroline) and I cannot stand some of the women *cough cough* Krystal and Chelsea *cough cough* It's what the show is all about... well and finding love?

I naturally pick out the women who are annoying, funny, fake, rude, sweet, boring, and of course "not there for the right reasons." This is exactly what the producers want you to do. They are a "cast" that they worked hard on grooming to produce the most drama that they possibly can.

Doesn't this seem just a tad bit wrong? No? Just me?

It truly is the ULTIMATE guilty pleasure.

Like okay, if you were to explain this concept of pitting women against each other to practically fight to the death (figuratively) for a dude to someone from a part of the world that hasn't heard of it before (which would probably be difficult to find), they would probably look at you like you were insane.

Let's not forget about the abundant amount of passive-aggressive (and sometimes even physically aggressive) drama between the women. Like, yeah, it's very entertaining, but if you think about it, it's kind of sad.

Once again, I still watch the show and thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. So what exactly am I trying to say here? I guess I just think it's ironic that we praise this show for doing something so unconventional. And hey, I'm sure that's why it gets so many views.

In the end, however, there is always the hope for love and the extremely romantic dates that the women get to go on. I love seeing actual (to a certain extent) relationships form, and all the exotic places they get to travel too. I also love seeing all the fancy dresses the women wear.

The Bachelor franchise is obviously doing something right because they have an extremely loyal fanbase, and three very successful shows – soon to be four including The Bachelor Winter Games. And that's just in the US! The Bachelor airs all over the world, so that's pretty cool.

The Bachelor is a part of our culture, and I'm okay with that. The girls who sign up for it know what they're getting into, and hopefully, they are strong and can handle that environment, and maybe even find love!

Let's just keep the whole judge-y and competitive thing between women for our enjoyment on TV, and not translate it over into the real (non-TV) world!! Build each other up!! Make others happy and feel loved!! and all that good stuff!

You'd all get my rose, for sure.

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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