Tilting At Windmills
"Do you see over yonder friend Sancho?
Thirty or Forty hulkin´ giants,
I intend to do battle with them and slay them."

The compulsive, crazy, surreal and unbelievable thoughts of a man gone mad, a knight in shinning in armor that arrived a couple centuries late to the battle field. Who fell in love with the most beautiful princes his mad mind could find-- even though she turned out to be a hooker from a tavern not too far away. Never the less he was up against whatever, full throttle ahead and no regrets or worries because he knew that his sweet Dulcinea del Toboso would be waiting for his return.

Lost in the the reminiscences of his life he dove into this books that read with surreal glory the stories of knights in shinning armor. Little by little his own consciousness left him, little by little he shed this layer of realism he had found so much comfort in, for decades and decades. When he was finally done, he rushed down the stairs screaming with maniacal euphoria. Pots and pans for an armor, a dying horse for a stallion and some drunken homeless guy as his loyal squire. The already-mentioned Dulcinea, would become the light in the darkness of the endeavor he had chosen. To her he would come in this dark times when hope was nowhere to be found and the lack of motivation was the dagger being pushed into his heart. For every man needs a princess to save and no man will ever triumph in life without a queen to own his heart.

Most will believe this were just foolish thoughts, but will ignore the fact that they were what he needed to follow his dream. They are just as foolish as this fanatic rants about the many things that are wrong with everything we usually indulge in, rants that push hopes, dreams and goals away, stomp on them like a stampede of wild animals. Or even worse they make us believe that success looks different in this times. Who can blame a man for going crazy, when going crazy was the only way to live the life he wanted to live. When success is measured by possessions rather than experiences, when status is a thing of mere appearances, and merit can be obtained through plenty of deceivious ways. What other way is there?

How often do we call people who escape the norm "crazy", and how often do we just categorize anyone who doesn't fit our scheme or doesn't share our own believes as wrong-- I mean, most times I do this without even realizing I'm doing it. Because no one wants to be the same as everyone else, we all try to be different and unique. But, we tend to be scare of not fitting in, we try to be different but we restrain ourselves and avoid going to far for fear of being treated as an outcast.

It practically boils down to everyone trying to be special by doing the same things, and disliking, or in extreme cases hating, on everyone who is doing the same thing, for the exact same reason, at the exact same time, but with a different name. How is it possible for no one to find this crazy?

Don Quixote had to lose his mind in order to pursue his dream, he gave up his sanity and reason. In spite of constantly being mocked and called mad, he moved on and continued on his quest.

"Let the dogs bark Sancho, it's a sign we are moving forward."

Times have changed but some things remain the same and some schemes just need to be broken, as they always have. If you think about it going crazy might not be to bad and it'll definetely be more fun.

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