12 Things To Buy From TikTok
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12 Things TikTok Made Me Buy

If you don't have a Tik Tok account by now, wyd??

12 Things TikTok Made Me Buy
Lindsey Brady

I'll be the first to admit it. I am 22 years old, and I love TikTok. I find myself spending hours on end on the app and laughing out loud at a lot of them. It started off as something that just made me laugh and smile when I needed to, but it has now become a part of my daily routine. I could blame that on the quarantine, but I think it was bound to happen eventually. I say that because I have even made some of the videos myself (lol, don't judge).

Perhaps one of the most underrated sections of this app is the helpful tips for things such as skincare and room decor, and suggestions on what to buy in those areas. I LOVE this section. Like, a lot. Basically all of my saved TikToks are things I might want to buy someday, and most of them I already have.

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Some of the products I have purchased I absolutely love. But, there are also some I could have gone without. Below I have compiled a list of products that TikTok made me buy, along with a review of each product. If you are in the same boat I am in and can't stop scrolling and wanting to buy everything, hopefully, this will help.

Aztec Secret - Indian Healing Clay Mask


If you've been on TikTok one time I'm willing to bet you've seen this mask. I've only used this mask once so far, but I could tell a difference right away. It's a clay that you have to mix equal parts with water or apple cider vinegar. I recommend the ACV because I tried water and it was very clumpy and did not mix well. This mask was a good buy.



This oil is so cool! It is used for reducing scarring and stretch marks, so I bought it to help reduce acne scars on my face. It goes on very oily, so I recommend only using before going to bed, but I can tell after just three days of using it my skin is significantly less red and uneven. This was a good buy!

Penny Board


I saw a random TikTok of someone penny boarding down the street and they looked so fun and carefree that I hopped on Amazon and bought an off-brand one right away (we're on a budget, OK). I am so happy I bought this because we can't really do much right now, so it is the perfect time to take up a new hobby and try something new! I haven't fallen yet and it is honestly easier than I thought it would be. I recommend if you are trying to stay active and try something new during this time.

Loving Tan Deluxe Bronzing Mousse

Loving Tan

I have never tried self-tanner at home before because I have always been scared of what the results would be. Again, I figured now was the perfect time to try since no one can see me anyway! This tanning mousse comes with an application glove and I absolutely LOVE the results! I got the medium shade because I am fairly pale and it took me at least 2 shades darker than I was without looking streaky or orange. If you've been looking for a good self-tanner, look no further!

NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer


I bought this concealer because people on TikTok said it compared to really high brands and expensive concealers but for the drug store makeup price. Let me tell you, those people were wrong. This concealer did not work to cover up any of my problem areas and did not give the right look under my eyes either. I would not recommend this one if anyone is considering buying it.

Loreal Telescopic Mascara & Voluminous Base


THIS ONE. THIS ONE RIGHT HERE. This was the first purchase I made off TikTok and I am obsessed! The way the brush is shaped and the way it works with the base make my eyelashes look 10 times longer than they actually are and I love it!! If you need a new mascara, go get this one, like, now. Thank me later.

Glossier Boy Brow


I have never filled in my eyebrows before because my brows are naturally very dark and course, but this one looked like it would be really light and nice for shaping the brows. That's exactly what it is! I really like this product for my brows because it is not too dark or heavy, but it gives them the definition I was looking for.

Milk Frother

The Brand Deco

I'm sure everyone has seen this by now, but there was a trend going around where you put instant coffee, water, and sugar into a bowl and whisk it up until it looks like fluff. Then you add it to your favorite milk and voila, a fancy latte! I am a huge coffee fan so of course, I had to try this. I liked it, but it felt like more of a milkshake than a coffee drink. Would drink again, but definitely not an everyday kind of drink.

Tweezerman Eyelash Curler


I have never used an eyelash curler before so I didn't really know what to expect, but I really like this one! It's super easy to use and curls my eyelashes to the exact place I want them to be. Definitely recommend this brand!

 Jade Facial Roller


This is one of my favorite things I have bought because of TikTok. This tool is known for reducing puffiness, promoting fluid drainage, soothing skin and reducing tension. It feels so nice at the end of a long day and I love that I can actually see the results of it! I wake up significantly less puffy in the morning if I used it the night before. Love this!

TULA Primer Gel


I was hesitant to get this at first because I have never used a primer gel when putting on my makeup before. It takes some getting used to, but I can tell my makeup is much smoother and just looks better when I use this primer. If you're willing to take the chance I would try this for sure!

Lavender and Eucalyptus Room Spray


This brand from target smells so good but is a bit on an unnecessary purchase if you already have the scent in essential oil and a diffuser like I do. However, I definitely recommend if you don't have anything like it! The spray is very calming and smells amazing!

If you're anything like me, you're heading to Amazon right now to buy all of these things and more. One piece of advice would be to look at a few different sites before hitting purchase to be sure you're getting the product for the best price! Happy scrolling and shopping, everyone!

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