Why Tiffany Should Have Gone Home

The last eviction led to Victor, Bronte and Tiffany being on the block. Victor, as the plan was executed exactly as they wanted to, was evicted. My first thoughts of the plan was that this is exactly who they should evict. Tiffany then became super sketchy and I wasn’t feeling it. Victor may have been a big target to evict this week, but I honestly think that for all the houseguests, getting rid of Tiffany would have been a much better decision. These are the reasons that Tiffany should have been evicted.

Blood Runs Deep

It was obvious when Tiffany went through the door that she was clearly Vanessa’s sister. I don’t know how she planned on keeping that a secret. With that in mind, I was wondering how her game style would differ from her sister's. Fun fact: it doesn’t. Tiffany seemed not as crazy and paranoid as her sister, until she was put on the block. Tiffany lost all trust, and became an emotional roller coaster in .2 seconds. Da’Vonne was on to her from the beginning and during the Power of Veto competition, Vanessa made it clear that she wanted to win. Da’Vonne then realized that she needed to go, but sadly no one else was on that boat, besides Frank. They obviously didn’t want to turn against everyone else in the house and ruin the plan.

Déjà vu

The same very thing happened last season where Vanessa was nominated early on and everyone blew it off. They all wanted to keep her so that she would go after others. That’s what they all thought until she literally went after every single houseguest. Tiffany will go far, just like her sister, and will play every emotion along the way.

Victor Forgives

I think that not only evicting Tiffany would have been ideal for everyone, but they could’ve explained to Victor that that was the plan all along and he would’ve believed it. Victor not only would have believed it, but he would’ve forgave them all as well. Victor is so gullible and could have been saved to evict later on. Victor may have had the brawn, but Tiffany has the manipulation


Plus, she literally is Vanessa’s Twin.

I had enough of Vanessa last season and quit watching halfway through because of it. I don’t want this season to be a repeat. Tiffany’s voice also couldn’t be any more identical to her sister's and I would much rather listen to Bronte’s helium voice.

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