Vintage is back! We all very well know that. With the resurgence of chokers, ringer tees, and high waisted pants, it’s no question that fashion history is currently repeating itself. I can’t remember the last time I wore low waisted jeans.

Here’s the thing that’s baffling me: y’all out here buying “vintage” clothes at the mall for ridiculous prices. Corporations are capitalizing off this trend by making shorts and shirts that look “vintage” at astronomical prices.

The great thing about this trend though is that you can find all this cool REAL vintage stuff at a third of the price at thrift stores and flea markets! There’s real, old vintage clothing just waiting for you at the Goodwill down the street. I’m a huge thrift girl not only because it’s cheap, but because it’s up-cycling and who doesn’t love saving the earth? Plus, I always feel a little bit cooler when someone asks where I got something and I can tell them it's from a thrift store.

Now, I’m a serial thrifter. I could spend hours and hours scouring every Red Racks and Mission Mart in Springfield. But whenever I try to invite my friends, something I hear a lot is “I don't know, I just never really find anything good” This makes me sad because there are so many great things just waiting to be found. So, this thrifty girl is here to give you a few tips on how to make it in and out of a thrift store with finds Rihanna would be proud of.

1. Bring Music

It can get lonely in thrift stores. Bring your favorite jams and some headphones and get to feelin’ yourself. It’ll put you in an awesome mood and you don’t have to listen to the 90’s country that the store plays on the overhead speakers. (Please forgive me Shania Twain)

2. Be patient

There are years of clothes donated by moms that need sifted through. For every good find, there are work t-shirts, mom sweaters, and zebra print blouses that need sifted through. Have fun with it! Laugh at the weird stuff, wonder where that stain came from, and keep looking till you find gold. Promise it’s in there.

3. Bring a friend

Friends always make thrifting more fun. There’s always weird stuff you can hold up and double dog dare your best friend to wear to your next formal. Or, fun date idea is to bring your boo and find ridiculous outfits for the other person to wear. Depending on whether or not they commented on your last Insta post, you can make their outfit hideous, goofy, or really good looking. Then, the two of you can go have a hilarious dinner dressed in the outfits. It's a fun memory and a twist on the classic dinner date!

4. Go in with an idea

Have a rough couple ideas of stuff you’re looking for. I’m big into silk, dark blue, red, dad t-shirts and high waisted shorts right now. If you have a list of things you need, you won’t just be aimlessly pecking around, frustrated by how many clothes are in the store. Pinterest is an awesome place for a little inspiration.

5. Think outside the box

Don't be afraid to try something new. Pick a new color you don't usually wear or a shirt you could usually never see yourself in. When you thrift, you know you'll have a truly one of a kind piece that no one else at the party will be wearing. Another way to think outside the box is think about how you could alter clothes you find. I love finding t-shirts or sweatshirts to cut into crop tops instead. Make a statement!

6. Have fun!

Thrifting is wild and you really never know what you’re going to find! Make it a girl date, a date with your significant other, or treat yourself on a Saturday afternoon. There’s some great stuff out there just know it takes a little time to find the treasure.

Here’s to slaying the streets and saving the world by re-using. Happy thrifting!