"Post grad life three years later."

Because it was May, I started to get nostalgic about my post-grad life and missing school. Seeing constant graduation photos on social media made me sad to realize how fast college went and how I miss it so much. However, this time made me realize how far I have come since post-grad life and I think I am doing pretty well for myself.

I had no idea where I was going to in end up when I graduated. I had no sense of direction or idea of what kind of job I would land. I wanted to work in broadcasting in which eventually after 6 months post grad of looking for a job that was not in retail and dining, I found a part-time gig for a broadcasting company making almost $20 an hour. I wanted a full-time gig but since this paid well I figured why not.

It was hard though. I felt stupid and like a loser for not obtaining a full-time job after graduation. I kept working unsatisfying part-time jobs and it sucked because I truly felt that I had the qualities to work in a decent company. I almost wanted to quit the gig at the broadcasting place but I knew if I stuck it out something would come along which it did.

I finally landed a full-time position for a broadcasting company with great pay and people. I enjoy my coworkers and it's a fun place to be. I never expected however to want to do something else with my life and pursue a master's degree online, which I am doing now. I have decided to pursue social work because I enjoy helping people. As much fun as broadcasting is, I need something meaningful, but for now, I am going to do my best to enjoy school and my nice job.

I thought it would also take me a while to move to the state where I wanted to which was PA; I lived in NY and what a difference. I wanted to move to PA because it is not only beautiful but much cheaper. I went for many interviews in NY and CT and other areas in PA but never got the jobs. I kept putting my resume out and tried to stay hopeful. I got a call back that I received my full-time job in West Chester, PA, and I could not believe it. I was going to have my own place!

I fell apart after graduation, to be honest. But I realized after a while that I was not alone. I am not sure if college is a so-called scam but I do not regret going as it gave me valuable knowledge and skills for the world. I did suffer from mental health issues after graduation which I was not expecting, loss of close friends, and began to gain weight. I needed therapy and still need therapy to get through the tough times since post-grad. I truly did not think I would get my crap together but I did.

I stayed hopeful in the post-grad process. I wanted to give up so many times but I knew if I kept putting out my resume to companies I was interested in something would come.

If there is any advice I can give to post-grad students who feel stuck is to honestly stay hopeful, stay motivated, and apply to and work towards goals and companies that you actively want to do and work for.

If you asked me three years ago if I thought I was a loser, I would have honestly said yes. But now I realize I was never a loser; it just took time for me to get my crap together after college. I am in a pretty okay place right now and I hope it gets better to the point where I can just be happy.

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