This week, I sat in my Constitutional Law class as my professor taught about the first woman Justice to sit on the Supreme Court. In an offhanded comment after showing us a clip from an old movie, she said, "There are three words every woman should know, and they are: I'm not finished." I was a little caught off guard by this, so much so that I looked up from my notes to look at her. She held the room in silence for a few moments before continuing her lecture.

I'm not finished.

In the context of the film, a woman is interrupted by a man after telling him off, and she tells him that she's not finished speaking.

It dawned on me as I thought about it throughout the day that those were indeed 3 words that every woman should know. In the context of the law, politics, and everyday life. I thought about all the progress women have made over the years: gaining the right to vote (which I will be doing in November, thanks to the brave women who fought to give me that right), all the social and political progress we've made, including the first woman being nominated for the presidency this year. I am very proud to be living as a woman in this time. Regardless of your personal thoughts on Hillary Clinton, I think we can all agree that is a huge, wonderful step to see a woman be nominated in front of our entire nation and the rest of the world. Doors are opening to us every day, and will continue to open the harder we fight.

We are not done. We are not done fighting, we are not done speaking, we are not done progressing.

With all the progress we have made, there is still a long way to go. This can be said for anything in life. But we are fearless, we are intelligent, and we will continue to change the world.

We are not finished.

"Here's to strong women: May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them." - Stacey Bendet