If you've found yourself wondering how you're suddenly so addicted to a show you hadn't even heard of two months ago, you are definitely not alone. Here are thirty-five thoughts that we have ALL had while watching "Riverdale":

1. "Why am I watching this show? I hate every single character."

Literally, if I were on this show I would punch everyone in the face. I'm annoyed. But why haven't I turned it off yet?

2. "Is something going on between the redheaded Blossom twins?"

Cheryl and Jason seem a little...close?

3. "Why does Betty wear a ponytail every day?"

Girl, no.

4. "Why is everyone on this show a redhead?"

I've seen seven actual redheads in my life and five of them go to Riverdale High.

5. "Also, why am I finding all of these redheads so attractive?"

At least they're pulling it off.

6. "How are Josie and The PussyCat's parents OK with them singing and dancing like that?"

My parents would kill high school me if I had danced like that...

7. "Veronica's mom is kind of bad ass."

8. "OK, but who killed Jason?"

His sister seems like a solid suspect.

9. "Can Betty's mom like, not?"

Betty needed to stand up to her mom like yesterday.

10. "Everyone needs a Veronica to their Betty."

Girl power: the new dynamic duo!

11. "How does Veronica dress up every single day for high school?"

I need her wardrobe.

12. "OMG! Plot twist!"

13."Is it just me, or did Archie go from a 3 to 10 overnight? Talk about a glow up."

Oh, ArchieKinz!

14. "I'm starting to dig this show...I guess."

I was going to watch one episode and here I am... I'm three hours in and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon.

15. "Alright, why isn't "Riverdale" on Netflix? I need to binge watch it - the weekly episodes are not enough for me."

I'm emailing Netflix. Is it just like, Netflix@gmail.com?

16. "Why is his name Jughead?"

His sister's name is Jellybean if you're wondering.

17. "Archie is so much better off without Ms. Grundy."

She's gotta go.

18. "Betty...Archie doesn't like you, OK?"

I realized this in episode 3, why hasn't she realized in their fourteen years of friendship?

19. "If Archie's dad and Veronica's mom get together, doesn't that make Archie and Veronica like... step-siblings?"

This cannot happen. I repeat. I do not support this.

20. "I need an Archie Andrews in my life."

Where do boys like this come from? I'm moving to Riverdale.

21. "I am rooting for Betty and Jughead."

Please get married.

22. "Betty should sleepover at Jughead's. His dad is never home."

I just have their relationship's best interest in mind, that's all.

23. "Jughead is also suddenly so attractive."

Very underrated character. And his name is growing on me.

24. "Veronica's dad is back, uh oh."

I see why her mom fell for him right out of high school now. He's super in charge.

25. Honestly, hanging out at a local diner and indulging in a shake wouldn't be bad right now.

I'm hungry.

26. "No matter your circumstances, running in the forest while there is a murderer on those loose is definitely not a good idea, Kevin Keller."

27. "Alright, I'm starting to enjoy this. I know I have plans at 7, but I have to reschedule until Riverdale is over."

Popcorn break!

28. "Why didn't I read the comics?"

Better question, why haven't I heard of this storyline before?

29. "Why didn't I start casually drinking mimosas every morning in high school?"

Veronica is always one step ahead.

30. "Cheryl...stop."

You're mean. You lit your own house on fire, girl.

31. "If Veronica's NYC friend ruins Veronica and Archie, I will end him."

Absolutely nothing will come between them.

32. "The South Side Serpents are so mysterious."

Who are they really? And what is Jingle Jangle?

33. "If you think you're extra, you haven't met Veronica Lodge."

I feel like I've met her, we're basically best friends.

34. "How is the Black Mask tracking Betty?"

This poor girl is being tortured. Something needs to be done.

35. "OK, it's official. I am addicted to Riverdale."

Says everyone, ever.

Happy binge-watching! Until next time, "Riverdale".