10 Thoughts You Have During Yoga Class

I am not new to yoga, but I have recently started taking yoga classes. I must say the experience is incredibly strange. Yoga class is this strangely intimate place. Where you are told to twist your body to all these uncomfortable positions while watching yourself in a God awful large mirror that covers the entire room.

1. The moment you walk into class and look for a spot.

2. The "resident" Yogi is "warming up"

3. The instructor tells you to go to the front of the mat and breathe.

4. You start the first set of upward and downward dog.

5. The instructor tells you to put your head down and breathe.

6. You are the only one falling out of your poses.

7. The moment you complete your first pose of the class.

8. "Class, we are almost done" the instructor says.

9. You get to lay on your back and stretch your arm.

10. You walk out of class and feel like you're on top of the world.

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