Oh, Facebook. You make me laugh, cry and roll my eyes. Well, mostly roll my eyes. As much as I say I dislike Facebook, I can't stay away. At least it is entertaining and keeps me up-to-date with the rest of the world. I'm sure we are all thinking the same things when scrolling through their newsfeed.

1. I can't believe they're dating.

I didn't see that relationship coming.

2. LOL.

Some things I read on here are so stupid that they're funny.

3. My grandma should not have any sort of social media account.

Haha. That's a knee-slapper grandma.

If she posts one more thing tonight, I am going to delete her as a friend. Thank goodness she doesn't know what Twitter or Instagram is.

4. LOL at you.

What is wrong with some people?

5. Put some clothes on.

Why do half naked people get hundreds of likes?

6. Old people are bad at taking selfies.

Hey, umm, your eyes. Yeah, your eyes are closed.

7. Wow, people are awful.

Another shooting.

8. Aww, not all people are awful.

Crying because the little boy grew his hair out to donate to a cancer patient.

9. Sharing this will not give me good luck.

Oh, now I'm feeling lucky,

10. I just love animals.

I want them all.

11. But not animal filters on Snapchat that get posted.

Get out of here.

12. I wish I were on a beach.

If you are on vacation right now, I am jealous of you. And I will not be liking your picture because I do not like that you're on vacation and I am not.

13. Who are you?

I have never even heard of you before in my life. Why are we friends?

14. Oh, how I love election time.

Not really. I am actually sick of all the political arguments. But, that's just me.

15. You are too young to have a Facebook.

I am going to report you for lying about your age to make your Facebook account.

16. Why are we celebrating a Friendiversary when I barely know you?

Happy one year anniversary to the person I only added back because we had a lot of mutual friends.

17. Keep it PG.

If your grandparents saw some of the things you posted on Facebook, they'd be very disappointed.

18. I really don't care.

Blah blah blah.

19. Time to delete some people.

I think I am going to have about 50 friends after I go through and delete my "friends."

XO and best wishes,

Ashley Rose Corbin