Thoughts While Watching The Trump Tower Climber
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Thoughts While Watching The Trump Tower Climber

This happens only in New York City.

Thoughts While Watching The Trump Tower Climber
NBC News

If you have been paying attention to the news for the past week, you probably caught wind of an insane story that took place last Wednesday. A 19-year-old named Stephen Rogata attempted to scale Trump Tower using only suction cups with ropes attached as support. As thousands of people watched via live streaming videos, he tried desperately to reach the top of the 68-story monstrosity. However, he did not achieve this goal. One of the many police officers who had arrived to lift him to safety ended up pulling him inside the building through an opening they created in the glass exterior. Of course, Rogata has now been charged with misdemeanor trespassing as well as felony reckless endangerment. If you're anything like me, who spends most of her time working retail or reading at home, this event was the most exciting thing to happen throughout the entire week. Here are a few thoughts you may have had while observing this spectacle:

1. How strong is this guy?

Regata used only suction cups to pull himself up a tower whose exterior is made entirely of glass. Not only is this ridiculously dangerous but it seems to require a boat load of upper-body strength. I, myself, can barely lift 25 pounds, so watching a 19-year-old climb up several stories using mostly his own strength made me pretty envious.

2. What does he want?

Throughout the three hours during which Rogata climbed the Trump Tower, many people on the Internet were theorizing about what he could possibly hope to achieve. At first, I assumed this was some sort of protest against the Trump campaign. I even heard it suggested that perhaps the backpack he carried contained a bomb or other weapon of some sort. However, soon a disturbing video surfaced in which Rogata creepily outlined his intentions to receive an audience with the Donald. Apparently, he thought that the only way to do this was to create a ruckus in order to get his attention. I guess he forgot about how anti-trespassing Trump seems to be, as evidenced by "The Wall."

3. Why do things like this only happen in New York City?

Living in northern New Jersey has its perks. One of them is that I am in very close proximity to New York City. New York has everything--tourist spots, great shopping, diverse dining options and a variety of cultural experiences--whether it be at a museum, the theatre, or a host of other venues. Above all, New York is known for having its fair share of so-called "weirdos." I don't say this to be judgmental, but it seems like every week there is something new and crazy going on. Back in June, a man climbed on top of the TKTS booth in Times Square sans clothing, dancing around and taunting law enforcement. Eventually, he jumped from the building (he survived, but not without injury). Although I feel bad for whatever problems this man may have had, this was the incident that prompted me to download Periscope, so at least now I know I'll never miss another crazy event like this one.

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