The clock strikes midnight as you close your laptop, bidding goodnight to its tireless glow that reflects onto your glasses day in and day out. You slowly rest your head onto the plush pile of pillows that rests against your bed frame as you pull your covers over your fatigued body. You close your eyes and begin to drift into a dream world that you can't wait to revisit. You're

Your heart begins to race. Your eyelids jolt open. A tsunami of thoughts, worries, and anxieties floods your brain. You want to so desperately dissolve what is tugging you awake, and yet for the next 60 minutes, you lay vigilant among pillows so comfy and bedspread so crisp that not sailing into a slumber is a sinful act brought forth by worry. Thoughts that keep many college students awake at night are hardly ever worth fretting over, and yet they have tampered with my sleep cycle far too often. Here are a few examples of the things that rattle my brain when I'm just trying to get ma slumber on.

Did I submit my assignment correctly on Moodle?

I don't think my résumé is formatted correctly. Should I redo the entire thing now?

I have a research paper due in T-3 months. Do I start working on it?

Will I be able to pay off all of my student loans when I start working at Wendy's after nobody hires me?

Does anybody still remember when I dropped those eight plates in the dining hall about two and a half years ago?

Will I even be able to afford Busch Light for this weekend?

Is the Denver Airport actually a bunker for the New World Order?

Have 10 million hectares of trees really been destroyed worldwide just this year alone? Shit.

And in classic 2016 millennial style, will Donald Trump actually hold the POTUS title?

Sweet dreams!