For spring break this year, I'm going to South Carolina with my friends. This will be my first spring break vacation, and I couldn't be more excited. As the trip gets closer and closer, I find the same thoughts running through my mind again and again. Here are some of the thoughts me, and likely the other college students taking a spring break trip, are having as we prepare.

1. Only X more days until the trip!

2. It’s going to be so nice to get out of here for a week.

3. I’m going to have to pack light to fit my stuff in the car.

4. It’s going to be a struggle between bringing enough but not too much.

5. If I forget something, hopefully I can just buy it at a store.

6. I don’t even know what clothes to bring.

7. I need to ask my friends everything they’re bringing.

8. I’m probably going to have to take some homework on vacation with me.

9. I don’t really want to do *any* homework on the trip.

10. It’s annoying that professors even assign homework over spring break in the first place.

11. I’m looking forward to not being cold all the time.

12. Will I even remember what nice weather feels like?

13. It’ll be nice to wear shorts again.

14. But it means I’ll have to keep my legs shaved.

15. I can’t even remember the last time I wore a swimsuit.

16. Good thing I’ve really been putting in the effort at the gym recently.

17. I hope I can keep myself entertained during the 9-hour car drive.

18. I can’t wait to sightsee in a new city.

19. If I don’t get some Insta-worthy pics, is the trip even worth it?

20. Our Airbnb looks luxurious.

21. I wish spring break was closer.

22. I’m so excited for this vacation.