I dread running. I hate running. I despise running. But, it's something a lot of us still do on a daily basis.

Either if it's just to get fit or something we do because we have to, it's a struggle each and every time. Side note: for those of you that are reading this and enjoy running... no offense, but please exit out of this article because you will not relate. Running is the spawn of satan. And no, I am not exaggerating.

Here are 11 thoughts we all have from start to finish while running.

1. *Staring at the treadmill* Do I really have to?

The internal battle you have with yourself is a back and forth fight between "I want to be skinny" and "I could possibly pull off a muffin top." Just get on the treadmill.

2. First minute goes by and you feel great.

One minute in and you feel powerful. You got your music playing and you feel like a bada**. You're in such good shape. You could run forever.

3. You take that back. Totally not in shape.

Four minutes in... your legs start to ache and you're tired. Push. Through.

4. Bored. So bored.

Although your legs do scream in pain and your lungs are beginning to collapse, you're bored. You're moving, but not going anywhere. How long can one run in one place?

5. You begin to list all the things you'd rather be doing in this very moment.

By "things you'd rather be doing," I mean eating...

6. "I bet it would hurt less to just drop right now."

There may be pain, but the pain wouldn't last.

7. No. You got this. Just think about your summer body.

No pain no gain, right?

8. "I am literally dying."

Your mind takes over and convinces you that you are dying. You may be. It totally feels like it.

9. Maybe if you run faster you'll be done?

Nope you still have two more miles, hun.


You're so close! Run, Forest, run!

11. Sweet baby Jesus it's over.

Feeling fit. Feeling good.

12. Wait, I have to go through that again tomorrow?

Nope. I'm good.