We Don't Like The Holiday Season and It's Okay
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5 Thoughts Of People Who Dislike The Holiday Season

The holiday season is designed to be a fun time for everyone involved but not everyone likes this time of year, and that is totally okay.

5 Thoughts Of People Who Dislike The Holiday Season

The holiday season starts in the middle or end of November and literally seems to go on FOREVER! (just kidding, just til the end of December). Every day you see all these people living it up in the holiday joy, whether that be singing, shopping or just decorating. However, people always forget about the people who don't enjoy the holidays, for whatever reason. There are plenty of reasons not to enjoy the holidays and it is no one's job to make those people feel worse about themselves just because they would rather avoid the holidays. One thing I can tell you for sure is that these people have these thoughts at least twice a week for the entire time holiday season.

1. Why on earth are we starting so freaking early?


November 1st is too early. Christmas is literally 55 days away still. Please stop shoving the music down our throat. We can agree that playing Christmas music in December is acceptable. But in November we have not even come anywhere near Christmas yet. But its not just your music, its the trees and the decorations and the shopping all the time. We really don't want you to shove it down our throats anymore.

2. Christmas Phrases 


Starting mid-December literally everyone starts using the cringeworthy Christmas phrases as instagram captions. These can vary from "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" or "Christmas is in the air" or "Dreaming of a white Christmas". Well listen here Linda, WE DON'T CARE. Glad your excited but the whole world does not need to know about your Christmas plans.

3. The Dreadful Family Politics


Don't even get us started on the family politics. "Is Clara coming for Christmas?" "No" *Insert family tantrum here*. SHE DOESN'T WANT TO COME SO SCREW IT. What is the point of getting all freaking worked up and freaking out, it's not going to change her mind. Or the ultimate, bouncing from one house to the other. Literally get over yourselves for one day.

4. Shopping


People get so caught up in the material aspects of Christmas that they have to make sure everyone gets the perfect gifts and everything they want. What happened to just enjoying someones company? and don't even get me started on the people who spend all their time bragging about their gifts and what they got other people. Not only do we hate shopping, we hate hearing you talk about it.

5. I am a master at human toleration 


Plus lets be honest, those of us who don't like the holiday season are INCREDIBLY out numbered by those people who LOVE it. We just have to sit back and listen to the music, and go shopping, and power through the family battles. We have adapted to tolerate and smile through all the holiday stress and cheerful joy that drives us nuts.

Trust me, I get it. The holidays are fun and a happy time. You get to see your family, your friends, you get gifts and you get to eat all this bomb food, what is not to like. But you might not consider the people who lost their family, have no support system, are incredibly financially unstable. Those people don't get to celebrate with carefree feeling and often feel mostly stressed and confused on trying to make everyone else happy instead of enjoy their time together.

So yes you may love Christmas and Thanksgiving for whatever reason that you do, but don't forget the people who don't enjoy the holidays. Don't make those people feel bad about the holidays. Don't make them feel like they cause a burden to your happiness. It is not their fault. We are people too who have the feelings and their reasons for disliking the holidays.

Most importantly do not under any circumstances shove your feelings, thoughts, religions, emotions and holiday joy down our throats. It is just going to make us hate you more.

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