Every year is the same for me. It always seems like I spend the last few weeks of the year thinking about what I did in the previous year and how I will maintain those ways in the year that is coming up. I like to think about how I spent my academic year and how I can become an even better student, I think about what I did with friends and how I can have a better relationship with those that are closest to me, I think about my family and how I can help better their lives. Then I spend New Year's Eve thinking of resolutions that I can make to try to better my life.

Most people try to say that they will be a better person, try to get their perfect body, or get farther in their careers. Those are awesome resolutions, and I really hope that they come true! That's the best thing about resolutions -- you can work as hard or as little as you want on them and it's completely up to you! It's a great kind of motivator to get to your goals. I really think resolutions are some of the greatest motivators that you can have. It's a promise that you make to yourself at the beginning of a year and you work on it until it comes true. And the best part is that you have a full year to accomplish that goal. People who make goals that are only given a week or two are very hard to accomplish. These resolutions are very attainable because you are giving yourself quite a long time to make them happen. It's an amazing way to try to make a promise to yourself and I personally love resolutions.

New Years resolutions are often thought of as a way to just try to change yourself or just do something better for the good of yourself. And resolutions can be as extensive as you want or as little as you want. They can be something like eat healthier, or just to pet a cat every day. As long as your resolution is something attainable and something that you won't be discouraged if it doesn't work out then it will, definitely work out for you and it might even make the year a better one.

2016 is a year where people will be graduating, moving away, and starting new. People will be getting new jobs, internships, making new friends, and rekindling old relationships once thought to be lost. I believe that 2016 could be a year that is even better than the years previous. I need it to be a better year. I really think that if we work together this year could be the best year ever! But that's just my little resolution. I want to make a difference in someone's life. I want to be able to see someone's life change for the better because of me. I think that would make my 2016 the best year ever.