9 Thoughts We All Have As We're Getting Our FroYo

9 Thoughts We All Have As We're Getting Our FroYo

Welcome to the cutest financial existential crisis you will ever experience.


Picture this.

I’m a typical broke college student, but I want to hang out with some friends. It’s been a while since we’ve all seen each other. Work has been crazy for me lately and I can finally relax on my day off. Kayla’s back in town for spring break too, so it’s perfect timing.

Whitney suggests frozen yogurt. We’re all excited about it and can’t wait to catch up. I think about my budget this month. Cutting it kind of close, but there’s still some wiggle room. It’s easy to get carried away with froyo. One minute, you’ve got a reasonable cup of yogurt. Somehow between the topping bar and the register, a unicorn vomits rainbows onto the froyo and you have to sell your plasma or take out a loan to afford the dang dessert. I’ll just practice that whole portion control concept. It’s foolproof. The goal: don’t spend more than five dollars.


We arrive at the neon, euphoric froyo shop and the process begins.

1. I'll only get a little bit.

After all, I’m in control here. I’ll do a small swirl of the yogurt in the smallest cup they offer (which is still about the size of a cereal bowl) so I won’t get as many toppings.

2. I need to try all the samples so I actually end up with something I like.

Ooh, they have taro flavored froyo? I just have to try a sample of that one. Oh my gosh, where has this been all my life? Did you know that taro is actually a sweet potato? This is really good. I wonder if it would taste good with my go-to flavor, cake batter. Gotta try them both together now. Can I get one more sample cup, please?

3. This doesn't look like too much yet.

Two frozen yogurt flavors in, and I don’t look like a complete pig. Nice. Now, on to toppings….

4. WHY are there so MANY?

These toppings are endless! I want them all. No, I want to be able to taste the froyo still. I’ll get like two toppings. How about…Reese’s and cookie dough.

5. A few more toppings won't hurt.

Oh, chocolate sauce. And sprinkles. And whipped cream—that weighs barely anything! Wait, they have boba? I’ll add a spoonful or twelve.

6. What a masterpiece.

Seriously, I should be an artist. Or a sculptor. Instagramming this for sure. Now I’ll just stick it on the scale, see how much I owe….

7. It costs how much?

$8.29? I was careful. I was meticulous. I took my time. I…went overboard with the boba, didn’t I? And that cookie dough is no joke. Oh well, c'est la vie. I’ll do better next time.

8. Worth it.

I’m so glad I took the time to give myself a break and hang out with my friends. Sure, I spent a couple more dollars than I had wanted, but what else would I be doing right now? Sitting at home watching TV or burning myself out doing homework? Sometimes, you just need to make time to relax so you can face whatever is next on your plate—or in your froyo cup.

9. Brain freeze!

Ouch. Still worth it, though.

While frozen yogurt may begin the cutest financial existential crisis you will have experience, nothing beats catching up with some good company. So who haven't you seen in a while? Call them up, shout them out and spend some time relaxing with friends. You deserve it.

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