18 Laughable Thoughts Every College Student Has Walking Through Campus

College, it can be the best and the worst place in the world.

Being able to run into your best friends within minutes but also possibly running into that boy you were trying to avoid in minutes. Between the endless work and the endless partying, college can be so bittersweet. Walking through a college campus can also be bittersweet.

Here are 18 thoughts every college student has while walking through campus:

1. “Maybe if I run into traffic I can get free tuition.”

2. “Why the hell did I ever take an 8 a.m.?”

3. “When can I nap again?”

4. “I need a drink...or 20.”

5. “Shit, I’m late for class AGAIN.”

6. “Don’t look up, here comes Chad.”

7. “Just keep pretending to be on your phone so you don’t have to say hi to anyone.”

8. “OMG is that my math professor…walk the other way now.”

9. “Why is that girl wearing wedges and a sundress to class? I’m in my pajamas…for the third day in a row.”

10. “I need a fat coffee.”

11. “Hopefully I don’t run into anyone from my MWF class because it’s Thursday and I’m wearing the same outfit as yesterday.”

12. “Only 5 hours 37 minutes and 43 seconds until happy hour…push through.”

13. “Which shitty food place should I eat at today?”

14. “Oh, you’re cute, too bad I'll probably never see you again.”

15. “I hope I didn’t have homework.”

16. “Is it the weekend yet?”

17. “OMG, it’s my best friend let me scream as loud as I can to embarrass her!”

18. “Oh no, here comes the *insert sports team*”

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