Thoughts Before Summer Ends

As the days are getting longer and summer is coming to a close (oh shoot, I just cried a little), you realize that you will be leaving for school soon. The days of relaxing on the beach, taking bike rides, having no set schedule will be replaced with studying, classes, student organization meetings, a social life (wait, what is that again?), and more studying. Lemonade will be traded in for coffee. Bare feet will be traded in for actual shoes. Life will be different. As the seasons change, we prepare ourselves for the next journey that will happen in our lives. So here's to the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year.

1. I am so excited for school to start! What classes did I register for again?

Checks schedule. Then you realize are signed up for 18 credits. Plus 80 observation hours in the classroom. AND you have night classes.

2. Ordering books…

Are we actually going to use these? Or are they just more decorations to my dorm room?

3. Shopping at Target for dorm room supplies

This is my heaven.

4. Then trying to put everything you own into your car

“I think it all fits Mom”

5. Thoughts about leaving home

*on the verge of tears*

6. Thinking about the school year and how it will all be the same as last year

No expectations.

7. Home cooked food vs. College food

5 main food groups: Carbs.

8. Seeing people you haven’t seen or heard from in 3 months

Wait, do I know you?

9. Looking at the academic calendar

I think we deserve more time off. College can be stressful.

10. Reuniting with your best friends…

…makes everything worth it because they are the reason you are excited to go back.

You can do it!

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