Your Thoughts Become Your Things, So Choose The Good Ones

Your Thoughts Become Your Things, So Choose The Good Ones

What we focus on, we create more of in our lives.

Every weekday morning, I receive an email to my inbox from an account that I subscribed to many years ago. The email is personalized and designed with my name, goals and dreams and is a gentle reminder each day to choose my thoughts and focus on the good stuff in life.

At the end of each email, there is a new piece of advice to take with me throughout my day and below that, there is one series of words that remains the same on every message that I open. The line says “thoughts become things, choose the good ones.”

It’s been almost 7 years since I received my first note in my inbox so as you can imagine, a lot of life has happened over those years. In the process of living that life while strapped into the roller coaster we call “growing up,” I’ve found more and more truth behind that closing line about thoughts becoming things.

Here’s the thing, when we get frustrated enough after dealing with the same recurring issue, we eventually reach a pivotal point where we feel like your tank is empty.

This is the exact moment when we can use that empty tank to help us instead of hurt us.

See, the tank isn’t empty when you reach this point. Sure, our emotions feel drained but our frustration is at an all-time high and though the tank may see empty, it’s now full of air.

If you paid any attention to the news this past fall, you would have seen that air, in the form of hurricane winds, can make big things move, bend and break.

The same applies to you and me. This empty tank, when we reach this point, is now full of air. This is where we pivot and use that air, stomp on the tank and the rush of air gives us the mojo we need to change whatever it is that has us so frustrated.

Nobody can make that change for you but from what I’ve found, you have to hit bottom in order to catapult yourself back to the top.

Basically, we function like those high strikers or strongman games at fairs and carnivals. This is the one where you take a mallet/sledgehammer and have to strike the bottom of the structure so that a puck will fly up the track and hit the top of the structure where a bell is.

The harder you hit, the faster you get the puck back up to the top. And the harder you stomp on that tank full of air, the faster you’ll get yourself back up because you’re rearing and ready and for lack of a better word, desperate.

Eventually, I found my change after hitting that pivotal moment. I thought I had figured out a magic life-hack to the Universe and as it turns out, that’s exactly what I had found.

I found the Law of Attraction on my way back up to hit the bell.

The Law of Attraction states that the thoughts, words, feelings and actions that we give out have certain energies that attract like energies. This energy can be negative or positive but essentially, what we place our attention on is what we will manifest in our lives.

Everything in this world vibrates, moves and travels in unique vibrational frequency patterns. The Law of Vibration tells us this. This principle applies not only to our physical world but also to our feelings and thoughts. It also applies to the Law of Attraction.

While all of this may or may not sound a little bizarre, there are times when that tank is empty and you feel willing to adopt anything that is available to you so that you can break your frustrating cycle. This is what I found so I can only imagine what anyone reading this has found too.

Maybe we even found the same concept in those lowly times.

The concept that like attracts like, thoughts become things and what we focus on we create more of in our lives.

Cover Image Credit: Sophia Winter

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The Importance Of Journaling

The journey to discovering "YOU."

I believe in writing. I believe in keeping a daily journal to capture your thoughts, ideas, and emotions on a regular basis. Journaling not only relaxes you and helps clear your mind, but it also teaches you a lot about yourself. I have been journaling every single day since February 2017.

I have taken breaks here and there mainly as I transitioned into college, but now I am back on track and loving it!

Journaling helped me find myself. The journey to finding yourself and discovering your true being is something that never has an end, but writing on a regular basis definitely helps speed up the process. Writing everyday sounds very strenuous and time-consuming, but it does not have to be! You can write a few sentences, bullet points or multiple pages. Customizing your journaling experience is key to sticking with it!

Do not force yourself to write an amount you are not comfortable with because you may become discouraged if writing does not come natural to you. The goal in writing daily is to record a snip-it of how you are feeling each day and what you are going through. Getting started may seem like a hassle, but you will thank yourself in a few months when you revisit your journal and see how far you’ve come. Journaling has gotten me through so many tough times. Anything from boy issues to anxiety and depression over having severe cystic acne in high school.

The beauty in writing is that you are literally recording your own history. Weeks, months, even years later you are able to read exactly what you were doing on a particular day and all the obstacles you were dealing with at a certain point in time.

Writing helps you realize how far you have come and grown as a person; the overwhelming amount of comfort you receive from making this realization is indescribable.

I have made it through so many things I never thought I would be able to at the time, and it is a very humbling experience to discover how strong and resilient you really are.

We all go through so much and endure so many hardships throughout our lives, and documenting our journey is one of the best ways to find ourselves. Grab a pen and journal and start your journey to bettering yourself.

Cover Image Credit: Madison Morgan

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Be Selfish Because You Actually Need Yourself

The only person that is truly going to be concerned about you, is you.

Be selfish.

OK, now hear me out and let me explain.

From a young age, we are all taught not to be selfish. We are taught to put other's needs above our own, and sometimes: it stuck. Our parents and teachers and soccer coaches thought it was a great idea. We were being taught to not be assholes; but now, some of us are caught with the issue that we don't know how to be selfish.

They drilled it into our heads so much that we don't know how to care for ourselves. We don't know how to be selfish, but we need to. We are all old enough to know when to put other's needs above our own, but we need to do the reverse. It's for our own good.

So be selfish.

Be selfish because the world was not taught that being selfish was a bad thing. Be selfish because the only person on the planet concerned about your wellbeing is you. I'm sorry to say it, but it's very much true. No one is going to help you. No one is going to be concerned about you, except for you.

Be selfish. If you don't want to do something, don't do it for someone else. Don't drop everything for someone else, because often don't do the same for you. Be nice, and be pleasant, and absolutely help them out, but do not expect them to do the same.

Be selfish, and be self-sufficient, and be able to take care of yourself because others won't do it for you.

Be selfish and look out for yourself.

Be selfish but be sweet and pleasant and a good friend.

But be your own best friend.

Know what you need more than anyone else.

Be your own advocate.

Be selfish, and be selfish until you don't have to be anymore.

Be selfish.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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