As per my very belated New Years resolution, I've finally started going to the gym. And I mean actually going to the gym.

And as someone who has never really been in shape at all in her whole life, the process has been very intimidating, anxiety-inducing, and scary. I wasn't prepared for how vulnerable I was going to feel. But I know that I'm not the only one feels this way! And so, neither are you!

So if you're anyone who's getting in shape, stepping out on their fitness journey or has even been in a gym before, I'm sure you can relate to these thoughts everyone has at the gym.

1.  Everybody's looking at me.


They're not! I promise!

Everyone at the gym is there to better themselves. I promise, nobody cares what you're doing!

2.  I'm so out of shape.


Yes! And that's okay! That's why you're at the gym.

Gyms aren't just for fit people.

3.  How does this machine work?


*Looks at picture* *Still has no idea*

Who knows, honestly.

4.  I'm gonna die.


I condemn you to hell, stair-stepper.

5.  I wonder what I'm going to get to eat after this.



6.  This looks easy.


*Can only do two* Okay, this is definitely not easy.

7.  Can you see my underwear through my leggings?


Probably, but its okay.

8.  Also, how bad are my panty lines?


Probably horrible, don't think about it.

(but also, nobody cares!)

9.  This music sucks.


Hits 'skip' infinite number of times.

10.  What if I fall off this machine?


You'll die. But most importantly you'll embarrass yourself.

11.  Her workout outfit is so cute.


I need a cute workout outfit.

If I had a cute workout outfit, I'd come to the gym more.

(Except you won't).

12.  Is this gym membership worth it?


YES. I promise, it'll all be worth it in a couple of months.

13.  I can't believe I woke up early for this.


Me either.

14.  I wonder if I can watch Netflix without falling off the elliptical.


You know you're not that coordinated. Please don't.

15.  What do I even do?


What you can. You do what you can.

(You can also YouTube lots of workouts!)

16.  I hope I'm not doing this wrong?


It's okay if you are! Just be careful not to hurt yourself. If it hurts in a weird place or something feels off, STOP!

17.  I'm so incredibly sweaty right now.


You're glistening. You're a goddess. An absolute babe.

18.  Summerbod. Summerbod. Summerbod.


Keep at it. You got this!

19.  Do I smell?


No. Well maybe. It's okay if you do, I promise.

20.  I should try yoga.


Why not?

21. How many minutes left?


Just. Keep. Pushing.

22.  Why is it so hot in here?


It's you. You're hot.

23.  I need to drink more water.


Yes, hun. You do. Your body is dying.

Just remember, you're doing this for yourself and for your own health. So what anybody else might think doesn't matter at all.

Just hang in there and keep killin' it!