To Those Who Have Believed In Me

To my parents, family, friends, boyfriend, professors, the random people I've met on airplanes, and many more people I can think of,

Thank you for believing in me,

It has made all the difference.

I feel empowered, intelligent, worthy, passionate, supported, and it's because I've have been there to pick me up when I'm stumbling push me along away . You have seen something in me that I may not have been able to see in my self.

You've probably sat through me complaining about how I don't know what to do, or my fears of failure, or my long rants about something I'm interested in, or my goals for the future. Maybe you have seen me struggle through me trying to play frisbee, or obsess over homework, or try to tell funny jokes. Maybe you've seen my more vulnerable side and been a shoulder to cry on. Maybe we've just gone on fun adventures together or just said hi in passing. No matter what it is, it has made all the difference. I can promise you, it has made all the difference.

To my parents: Thank you for never giving up on me even when you've seen the worst in me. Thank you for entertaining the 20 different visions I have for my life. Thank you for empowering me to make my own decisions and spread my wings. Thank you for always making me feel like enough, no matter the situation. Thank you for emulating what unconditional love means, and always giving me a place to call home. I can never pay back your support, but I will do my best to pass it on.

To my boyfriend: Thank you for being the extraordinary and ordinary. Thank you for helping me realize the importance of not taking life too seriously. Thank you for supporting my personal goals and decisions. You have shown me time and time again just what commitment means. It means the world to know, no matter what, you will have my back and we will be laughing the whole way through it.

To my high school friends: Still can't believe I get to call you friends. You've definitely seen the best and worst of me, but we've stuck together through this crazy stage of life. I'm grateful for your laughs, for the weird word mannerisms that eventually catch on to all of us, for the nights in and out, and always knowing you are there to turn to for advice or a good horoscope reading. Our late night talks literally are what gets me through. Miss and love you

To my college friends:

Ya'll have meant the world to me these past few years. Even though most of you have me within the last year, you have embraced my weirdness with open arms. Thank you for helping MSU feel like home, and I place I really don't want to leave. You have brought me so much joy. I love that I can turn to you with any meme, joke, worry, or thought and not feel judged a single bit. You have really been my home away from home.

And to the many more people who I didn't have space to write about. Thank you for shaping me into the person I am today. It takes a village, probably a major city for me.



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