2016 has been an incredible turning point in my life. It has been a year full of lessons, laughter, and all about me. Right before the start of 2016, I wrote a letter to myself saying that the place I was in was not the place I wanted to be. I had lost myself and was caught up in things that weren't making me happy. I told myself that 2016 would be all about me and finding my worth.

I am so happy to say that is exactly what I did.

I accomplished all of what I wanted to accomplish in 2016. It was nothing less than amazing. I found myself, my happiness, and my worth. I can't believe 2016 has ended and I am where I am.

I took 2016 to focus on my family, my friends, and figuring out who I was. I learned lessons that I will never forget, received so much love and support, and experienced life for the first time.

I set goals for myself right before the year ended that I would stop putting myself second, caring about what everyone thought, and stop feeling worthless. In 2016, I did all of that. I put myself first, stopped caring so much, and started feeling worth something.

2016 was all about me. I can say that I know more about myself than I ever have because I took the time to learn. I was selfish this year, but I believe that it is going to make me a better person for the future years to come.

So many amazing things happened this year. I can truly say this has been the best year of my life. I am sad for it to end, but it means there is another beginning.

Make a resolution this year. Tell yourself to better yourself... and stick to it. I can't tell you how happy I am that I took a year to myself. So this year, I can begin to give that love back that I found for myself to all of the people I love so much.

2016 has been so incredible and I hope 2017 is even better. I have faith it will be because of the happiness that I have found. 2016 has been a turning point in my life and I can't wait to see all that 2017 has in store. Thanks for everything 2016, bring on 2017.