'This Pit Is On Fireeee'

You know what was definitely a good invention?

Fire pits.

I'm not sure why they cost money considering the fact that if I had a very large circular object and a log that would burn for two hours, I'd basically have a makeshift fire pit but that's another issue.

But, they're great. They always make for a simple get together between friends or you could even turn it into a date night. It doesn't require a lot of setup, and let's be honest. I've never seen an unhappy person around a fire pit.

I'm sure it's possible, but I personally don't wanna see anyone try to accomplish it.

And if you haven't realized already, a fire pit is the ultimate location for s'mores and there's never a bad time to eat s'mores. There's also never a bad time to eat seven of them just to let you know.

I believe in you. There's always room for more s'mores.

Anyway...back to the fire pit.

I recommend that everyone get one. If you live in a frat house, if you live with your parents, if you live by yourself...it doesn't matter.

It makes the night so much better if you have one and it makes you feel like a 60-year-old who has already put your kids through college and who just feels the need to chill with your significant other (same or opposite sex; live your life the way you want to) on the porch with your fire pit drinking coffee.

Even though that's super specific, but probably super accurate for some lucky couples on this Earth, it could still be your reality. Your only job in this situation is basically just to buy a fire pit.

It will change your life.

Well, go on!

What are you waiting for?

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