This One's For The Underdogs

This One's For The Underdogs

This one's for the people who were told they weren't good enough. This one's for the people who can't seem to catch a break.

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This one's for the people who were told they weren't good enough. This one's for the people who can't seem to catch a break. This one's for the underdogs.

I'm talking about the people that have made it farther than they were ever supposed to go. You started from the bottom and look where you are now. Despite all the odds that were ever stacked against you, you made it.

Remember when life was much harder than it is now? Remember when you thought that life was too hard to push through, but you did it anyway? Remember when you had people, night and day, tell you that you could never make it because you just weren't good enough?

Underdog, never forget your accomplishments. You proved people wrong by making it through the hardest and the worst parts of life. There is no shame in keeping your head held high because you are good enough to do so.

We're not all handed the best parts of life when we're born. Some people are born into situations that would make any human being want to give up and throw in the towel, but the fact that you were able to move past the sucky situations that life handed to you in a testament to how great you are.

You may not have had or have all the money in the world and you may not have more cars than you need or more houses than you can live in like all the other "successful" people in the world, but you have experiences that are worth more than all of those things combined.

As underdogs, we all have that one day or days where we can vividly remember wanting to quit trying to make something of ourselves. But that day is now in the past and that is no small feat. Having the drive and the wisdom to plow through is a lot more than some can say they've ever done.

Screw all the riches in the world and forget all the people that told you that it couldn't be done because here you are. Look at what you've done and who you've become. There is no one that is and there will never be anyone like you ever in the universe.

So this one's for you, the underdogs, because you weren't supposed to get this far. You weren't supposed to be this great. You weren't supposed to prove people wrong, but you did anyway. This one's for the underdogs because you make this world a better place. You make life worth living.

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