Why 'This Is Us' Will Ruin Your Life And Make Your Life At The Same Time

Why 'This Is Us' Will Ruin Your Life And Make Your Life At The Same Time

Grab the tissues, you're here for the long haul.

If you haven't caught up on "This Is Us," this article may contain spoilers!

If you aren't living under a pop culture rock, you've probably heard someone mention the widely-popular NBC show, "This Is Us." Now in its second season, the show has gained popularity and critical acclaim. The show follows the present & past lives of the Pearson family. The family consists of three triplets and their loving parents, each with their own set of complicated problems. If you decide to hop on the bandwagon and binge-watch this show, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. You will fall in love with Jack Pearson.

Jack Pearson, the patriarch of the Pearson family, played by Milo Ventimiglia ("Gilmore Girls," anyone?) is probably the main heart strings-tugger in this series. You will fall in love with him, but mainly with his relationship with his kids and his wife, Rebecca. Seriously, he's a romantic and his death will seriously kill you inside as well.

2. Mandy Moore will be your newest girl crush.

We all loved her in "A Walk To Remember," but seeing her an action as the singing and stunning Rebecca will leave you envious. The girl even looks great while pregnant with triplets and with aging makeup on. Give us a break, Mandy!

3. You will probably hate Miguel

All the fans of the show get a little too attached to Rebecca and Jack. Seriously, they are everyone's goals. So when future Rebecca remarries Jack's best friend, a little part of you is mad at her. Not the best rebound, Becs.

4. When Kate cries, you cry

The girl has been struggling with self confidence issues her entire life, and all we want to see is her overcome her inner demons. Even with Toby by her side, she still feels insecure which makes our hearts hurt for her. You got it girl, we're with you!

5. Randall's dad jokes are occasionally funny.

In his family, Randall might be the only person that he thinks he's funny. Besides being a generous father, he is also the king of terrible dad jokes which gets a laugh from the audience. My personal favorite is his nickname for Kate - "LL Cool K."

6. You will become a Manny fan

Besides "This Is Us," "The Manny" might become your new favorite show. The fictional sitcom stars Kevin Pearson. While he isn't on the sitcom for the majority of "This Is Us," it's referenced frequently and unfortunately for Kevin, follows him everywhere.

7. You feel all the feelings.

Each episode of this show makes you laugh and cry. Seriously, it's an emotional rollercoaster. You get so attached to these characters that you genuinely feel like you're the sixth member of the Pearson squad. By the end of your binging sesh you'll find yourself wanting a crescent moon necklace and saying the "Big 3" chant in your sleep.

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9 Reasons That Season 2 Of 'The Good Doctor' Is Better Than 'Grey's Anatomy'

If you're a Grey's fan you haven't seen NOTHING yet!


I started on this show last year and it has truly become an obsession of mine.

1. Character Development

Shaun and Lea become roommates!


In the first season we meet all these different doctors. Some good, some bad, some that we don't know why they are their. Season 2 is developing characters and making them feel like real people!

2. Plot Twists

St. Claire gets a surprise visit.


I don't remember Grey's having major plot twists that made me bite my nails and sit on the edge of my seat like I have through the second season of "The Good Doctor".

3. Cliff Hangers

Cliff Hangers


Every show does it, but this season the Cliffhangers are to die for. I have it on the DVR so I'm bingeing season two at the moment. Sleep is for wimps! LOL

4. Shaun Murphy is my New Sheldon

Hugs are difficult for Shaun and Sheldon


Sheldon from the big bang theory is essentially just like Shaun. The Idiocracies of both characters make Shaun familiar and therefore I relate to him even more.

5. Episode Themes

Dr. Park and his family reunited.


Each new episode of this season deals with real-world issues like, Anti-Vaxxer parents, Anorexic patients, Patients that were overweight and the doctors dealing with their own life issues. This really is relatable.

6. Morgan becomes human, Finally!

Morgan is finally showing that she really does care.


I have been watching Season 2 for the last two days and FINALLY, Morgan has become a real girl. She showed emotion about something instead of acting like a heartless doctor.

7. Life Message

Life Message


Whether you look at it from the patients POV or the doctors, this show gives an abundance in real world problems. The residents solve patient issues by working together as a team and coming up with a solution. They have disagreements but any group of people working together does.

8. Addresses Autism

Too much noise and Dr. Murphy can't think.


Shaun Murphy, MD is autistic but it doesn't hold him back. He is challenged but always works through the problem. He empathizes with some patients while others not so much. He doesn't let his disability hold him back.

9. Shows the ugly side of disease.

Glassy has hallucinations of his dead daughter post brain surgery.


Not in every episode is the patient saved from their illness. Dr. Glassman had a brain tumor, a patient dies of Leukemia, surgeries go wrong. It's not all well-wishes on The Good Doctor and that's what makes me like it so much.

Ever since the first episode, I have been a fan of Dr. Murphy's. Every episode of this show is better than the last and I recommend it to all you Grey's fans, you won't be disappointed.

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