Hey Readers!

This week's focus is "accepting setbacks in life." I know it's hard to recover from being let down continuously. However, learning from the past and growing from that can help with conquering your dreams of tomorrow. I know how it feels to be uncertain during periods of life you consider critical. I am not implying that I can relate to the struggle of anyone reading this, but I am hoping that this piece keeps you in optimism even when you're skeptical. May you find the resilience and determination in realizing your dreams.

All the air changed

It felt braver this time

And in the silence,

It somehow felt right

She went so long

Without knowing how that felt

And what it meant to fulfill

Pieces of herself

For it wasn't always like this

It was tiring

Always trying to figure out

"What will it take

For me to achieve what I want?"

Where there was insurmountable challenge

A new doubt sprouted free into her mind

The air, back then,

Felt congested and stifling

She sweated out any hope she had

And seeped in harsh self-criticism

It always felt so tiring

The fear, trickling about her brow

And steaming away into worry

"What is wrong with me?"

But that was then

This, is now

What she didn't understand back then

Was change wasn't terrifying all of the time

And failing was a part of life

For everyone

With this, she grew in wisdom

But even greater in strength

There was no one who would accomplish her dreams

But herself

There was no one who would fight for her dreams

But herself

There once seemed very little motivation

And each door appeared closed off

But now, in her rising hour

Resilience finds her

And bursts each door opened with ferocity

This didn't mean that there wouldn't be times she'd




But in this hour,

She knew how to




For the dreams of yesterday

Helped the dreams of tomorrow

The glimmer in her eye said she would be ready

For the next time fear should try to stop her